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17th January  2012

To clear any unwanted files that have built up over since the last overhaul in 2006, the site has just been totally re-uploaded onto the server. Please excuse for the moment if there any missing links?

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You will have to enlarge your View for this !

31st January 2011: One can probably surmise from the accumulation of vinyl on the JB / JB page that yours truly was a great fan of John Barry - and still is. Already plenty of obituaries on the web, thus proving how popular a person he was. -- I wonder how the James Bond films would have fared without his contributions in the scores?....

28th January 2011 European Union policy ~ we will fix it even if not broken
Distance Selling Regulations stipulate that where payment is received in advance of the dispatch of goods, a geographical location ('physical' address - no, not a massage parlour) is to be employed. Therefore, the PO Box 218 address that has been in operation since October 1994  is to be phased out, but not until October 2011, so that persons unaware of the change of the mailing address will be be able to receive a reply to any correspondence. 

18th November 2010: Now that it is chilly weather out there, once more back to spending time processing and uploading acquisitions from the past few months. As there quite a few pages on this site, some, if not many, will not be as prolific as those submitted within the subject pages that are highlighted on the notable updates information page.

27th July 2010: A wad of Music Library LPs that have been in limbo since prior 1995 have finally been sorted and uploaded onto this site. So many of artifacts awaiting same treatment one could acquire a headache just thinking about it! However, must carry on regardless...

1st June 2010: Some additions to the site pertaining to the sales policy, in particular ' returns'. By law, this has to be clearly set out. Nothing has changed here though. Everything is still guaranteed, along with the promise of all merchandise being of good standard, be it 20 or 60 years old.

The actual cost of postage is beyond my control. Royal Mail is employed for all standard orders. However, if the package is over 2kG and is destined outside of the United Kingdom, a price comparison is conducted on the Parcels2go website to see if a reasonable saving can be made for the client. Ironically, this can sometimes result in the services of Royal Mail's Parcel Force. Strange how it can be £40+ less to have the parcel collected than to take it to a Post Office?!

22nd February 2010  One question that I can never give a positive answer to is "how long did it take to make your website?"

The thing is, it is never finished, due he fact of the stockpile that is in 'limbo' awaiting to be processed and submitted to the site, recent acquisitions, pas well as the attention given to stock control of the site's current inventory. Therefore, not even including the correspondence and process that is involved with sales and enquires, the number of hours spent attending to the site is something one does not bear thinking about.

However, to give one an idea what is entailed, the now expanded Film Magazines collection that has been submitted on film2 and film3 pages has just taken three full days to set out. Checking each issue to determine what is to be mentioned within the listings, along with typing the information with one's index fingers, having to correct this as sometimes one hand can react too early (how do dyslexic persons manage?), and then ensuring things appear as expected in a Browser. The latter courtesy of the FrontPage programme, as this tends to have a mind of it's own. Ariel all of a sudden changes to Times Roman is a common fault - you might have noticed this annoying FP attribute within other sites.

Then, it is decided what to photograph. And whatever images are eventually used, they still have to blend in with the site. Sometimes there are several changes to the layout before one is comfortable with the finished (for now) product!

All this can be labourious at times, but receiving positive comments from people's astute attention to the website is reward in itself.  Those who place a firm order with a retailer, but do not follow through with payment, probably have no comprehension, nor consideration, of what is involved?

In due course, a page will be set up that will contain some of the kind comments and feedback that have been received. This will be an undistorted affidavit of past sales and service!

18th January 2010: Interestingly, Internet sales here are buoyant; whereas several fairs attended in the past few weeks have been poor to say the least. This, I am sure, is attributed to 'cash flow'. So even though one has to pay for the privilege of accepting payment via a credit or debit card, on a business point of view, this facility can be a godsend!

I do not feel sorry for anyone who has had their wallet cleaned out because he or she has been fleeced on a scam, particularly when their eyes were bigger than their belly, and think they are getting something for (virtually) nothing!  However, one does need to be aware of the current and latest scams doing the rounds. There is a page on this site that was set up sometime ago that outlines the basics, but this would need constant updates to keep in touch. Although this site can be deemed as an information station, primarily it is a retail site!  So please be careful what you click onto, and hopefully you will have money in your bank account to purchase something from this site that you really wanted!

19th December 2009: Each retail page indicates when the page was last updated. This has always been the practice on this site.

By update, this equates to deleted items that have recently sold, and/ or added stock.

From now on. pages that have recently had merchandise added that are deemed as 'interesting' because of the quantity or rarity, will now be highlighted on a new page called Recent.

1st December 2009: Lecord sail,  with VG- minus covers.
Well, if that is the way the records were handled, it is of no surprise that's they way the cookie collection crumbled!  Never mind though; if you missed that first album by David Bowie, Mike Read's example will probably show up on the 'e' word site for sale as NM/NM !

29th November 2009: Mmm. appears there is a new record grade in town - it's called Bad Minus. Really?...

Per chance I was in London the weekend, so called in to the Record Fair to see the 'state of play', as have not been on that circuit for several years. I spy in the front of a sellers' box an original 'THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN; for £100 stated as EX++ . "Oh, I would have bought that" I hear you crying out. Cover has a few light creases so benefit of the doubt a VG+. Remove record from jacket.. err. where are the grooves. .totally wrecked, or are my pupils hallucinating? Perhaps record fairs should be vetted by the organisers prior to opening. After all, good quality Antique Fairs boast of this practice. 

Just in is a collection of Rolling Stones memorabilia. Hopefully, will be added to the site next 

Boring subject middle of November, but just to inform that if you require something from this site in time for Christmas, the final day date this year for any orders to be accepted and processed is December 18th. This is because I will be selling in Torquay as from the 19th to the 24th. Business will resume here on January 2nd.

December 6th marks 25 years in this business. A few changes since then, with the obvious one being the evolution of the Internet. I predict that within the next few years there will a lot more regulations and rules for sellers on this concept. Thus, hopefully, will sort out the men from the boys!

19th September 209: Here we go again - new rules , directives, must comply, blah blah

As from October 1st, all Barclaycard merchants receiving card payments that involves receiving and or handling client's data must be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

If an online computer is employed in receiving and / or passing on the data, it involves quartley checks by scanning (probably forced to purchase useless software), filling in (or is out?) declaration forms, bottom inspectors freely permissible to inspect the premises, etc, and having to pay a third party for the privilege of. There are books and services advertised that are a total waste of money as information is freely available. But whichever way one decides to look at it, as from the 1st of October the merchant that is selling via mail order and or a website where a shopping cart is incorporated is going to have to pay more for the privilege of receiving money via credit and debit cards.  How this extra cost is passed on is up to the individual.

Having spent several hours researching and reviewing  all this, they have 'got you by the .... ! Thus, as with immediate effect, payment with a credit or debit card will be accepted via the telephone, or via PayPal who have a secure server One will not have to be a member of PayPal to pay via this facility. 

So that I am able to stay on the lowest level of validation, this does equate to no longer being able to accept payments via the email system. Information is on the Ordering page.

26th August 2009:Just when one thought our English Summer season could not get worse than the previous two years...  lo and behold ..!

Just when you thought it could not get better on this site... it has again ! That is:
   The Purchase Tax information has been expanded to included all date changes, stamps, etc.
   The Gerry Anderson / Barry Gray Recordings page now has many photographs
              of the records for sale, with many additions to the Mini Album inventory

22nd July 2009: Sometimes one wonders why bother making the effort.

Some years ago i was at one of the largest ever Record Fairs with my wares when, on opening the doors to the public, a frenzied mass swooped upon the stall opposite, and for a duration of 2 hours or more virtually threw money at the vendor for a 10" bootleg of a just-knocked-up record by a band that had some sort of following - at that time!. Was this Normal? Possibly. We, that is, the adjoining stallholders and I, stood back in amazement and mumbled (or was it grumbled?) about standing with original choice records and memorabilia, yet…?  I had, and never since, witnessed the likes!

Moving forward, in time that is, the scenario with Michael Jackson tickets being sold as fast as they could be printed, for as many appearances for the duration of the end of the world – as we know it - , and yet he was being pushed around in a wheelchair prior to this. So now many of these redundant tickets are being retained for their investment value instead of being returned for a full refund?

But each time I become dazed and confused by such scenarios, my mind bounces back to reality, and I remember how the mail order side of the business has always kept me in steadfast all these years!  

18th May 2009: A good selection of 7" singles added to the Reggae and 1970's Soul pages, plus a random assortment of 
records and memorabilia throughout the site, to include probably the best accumulative collection 
of pre CBS output of David Essex that you will ever find for sale!

Wealth warning: am stalling out at the Sandown Park Toy Fair on May 30th... last attendance at this
event was in 1994!

26th March 2009: There are additional listings, but apart from the new Noddy page, are interspersed within existing stock
listings, hence might not be that noticeable!

Century 21 EPs MA 100 to MA 126 inclusive acquired. The Gerry Anderson Recordings will be revamped
soon, with the inclusion of this collection.

Have acquired a large amount of Francis Coudrill story boards that appeared on BBC Television in the
1950's. Some (too many to feature all) will be included on the Coudrill / Hank The Cowboy pages soon.

Links available to all via the Contents + Index pages within this site.

29th January 2009: So as to spend less time monitoring emails, etc, the minimum order policy is to be reviewed and 
adjusted accordingly. Any changes will be take effect sometime next month.

There are some more interesting Gerry Anderson artifacts for sale that have been added to the site!

4th December 2008: Just acquired a 'modern' Doctor Who collection of Daleks, etc. Worth checking out,
  as most are no longer available from the original manufacturer / producer.

19th November 2008: Sorted out the TV Related Annuals that were in limbo, and these are now on the site, along with some
other television memorabilia, including a good selection pertaining to The Man From UNCLE.

15th October 2008: Am in a vinyl LP mood at present, so new additions to the Rock and Pop LP pages are currently being inserted. As promised, Bee Gees coming soon....

8th October 2008: Hollies albums uploading now. Bee Gees to follow next week
Links to images are now in the form of underlining (in most instances, the price), as opposed to the small icon.

6th September 2008: At last ~ the John Barry Soundtracks have been added to the JB page, and the LPs to the Walker Brothers listing. After the labourious cleaning and playing, quite a few were discarded due to their poor playback! As with some of those of the opposite sex variety, looks aren't everything !

23rd August 2008: Never has there been such a damning indictment besieged upon a rock star as Mr. Paul Gadd, aka Gary Glitter, has encountered. Therefore, it has been decided to remove from this site forthwith any records or memorabilia that state his stage names: Paul Raven / Rubber Bucket / Gary Glitter.

8th July 2008: All pages are gradually being changed to being standard Arial font and of good size, so that everything is much easier to read, especially for the short / of little sight. 

Just went onto a Ticket agency website. There cannot be any 'recession' if people are willing to fork out £65 to £100 a ticket PLUS BOOKING FEE, and travelling expenses (not forgetting incontinence if using Britain's public transport system) to see someone on stage for an hour or two? I suppose one has to blame the minority for this hike - the ones who pay any price to a tax evasive ticket tout.

24th June 2008  Short and sweet : some very nice Corgi die casts added: Chipperfields and TV Related
Oh... and a Dalek of sorts....

7th June 2008  Cinema buffs are being spoilt. The Film Annuals inventory has just been expanded to include some quality books!

Not so many records have been added to the site lately. I am sure that you can appreciate the intensity of the cleaning, playing, and grading of each disc, particularly albums, thus I have taken a break from this side of things.  

24th April 2008 Wrappers and packets pertaining to bubblegum and sweet cigarette cards have now been collated and are now on this site. Can get back to adding to some vinyl.. soon...

Please excuse if one or two pages appear to be slightly different in appearance and some of the fonts have changed. I am experimenting with various tools to attempt Front Page stop controlling things, and for myself to be in charge! It's a slog, but one has to persevere!

4th April 2008 The Trade Cards have been updated. Had some 'lying around' awaiting process! There are some wax wrappers
and sweet cigarette packets to submit to this site within a few days. 

The stock-holding have Jig-Saw puzzles have been assembled (literally!), and this category will feature soon.

4th March 2008  Just updated the jazz albums listings by including some interesting British Jazz.
Been 'half-promised' a collection of this genre by someone who collected from new.
Fingers crossed this will appear sometime!.

Phew! Just got round to including the rest of the album images within the Pop and Rock LP pages!

1st February 2008 :On the Cultural (Spoken Word) page you will find a just acquired wonderful collection of albums / box sets
pertaining to English Poets, William Shakespeare, and the arts, all in as new condition!

Just received notification from the bank that the paying in of cheques over the counter is to increase (again).
Therefore, the minimum order processed with payment by this mode, as set out on the Ordering page,
is strictly rule!

18th January 2008: Trying to keep the customer satisfied..
..new page of Female Jazz Vocalists added, along with additions on the other Female Vocal LP pages..
..and just uploaded some more original Gerry Anderson toys...

28th November 2007: Acquired some interesting Experimental Electronic vinyl. The EPs are now submitted on the Sound page. The LPs to follow asap. (3 Dec. now added).

Christmas nearly upon us once again, although one would think that it would have been and gone by now, what with the big stores and hotels trying to outdo each other, and beat one to the punch! That aside, if anyone wishes to purchase something from this site that is intended as a Seasonal gift, be assured it will be dispatched post-haste! However, if you are concerned about delivery times, as in all other instances, do not hesitate to enquire!

28th October 2007:: One always tries to avoid talking in the 'negative' turn of phrase, but have to stress here that not following through with payment and any response when a firm order has been placed is downright rude, and very frustrating. So much time and energy is continually put into setting up this site, as well responding to specific requests. In the past 12 months a larger percentage of persons have ended up in the 'idiots' mail box folder. This is not pleasant, and it is hoped that 2008 will see a scale down of this practice. Thank you for your consideration in this matter!

18th August 2007: We plough the fields and scatter..." Additions within the site that may not appear much, but as there are over 200 pages...!  Once again on another (new) server. Site had not been updated for a while as could not access the files. Hopefully is sorted now, and normal service is resumed!

13th April 2007 The store's attic has been rearranged somewhat. Amazing what one can find that was forgotten about. Hence the 1990s consignment of Gerry Anderson merchandise has now been processed, and just been uploaded to the site. Oh, and the remainder of the Doctor Who stock that was in limbo has also now been 'sorted!

19th March 2007 Old shop stock of Gerry Anderson model kits now sorted and listed.

1st February 2007
Most of the 1950s 10" albums have now been submitted. All the bad sounding examples have been discarded.
There are now two new pages pertaining to Television Related Toys. The stock of Annuals will follow... soon?

7th January 2007
he toy department was looking a bit stale, so have added a Gerry Anderson collection to the DINKY page.
Cleaning and grading the 1950's 10" LP inventory, so should be ready.. soon?

4th October 2006
Phew! Been busy adding new subjects so a to broaden the scope, with a view to making this site EVEN MORE interesting!? Advertising records, including those Lyntone flexi discs, are now seeing the light of day, and a collection of early Record Promo Cards are looking good. 

Eventually 'tackled' the inventory of ATV / ITC Scripts that have been held over since the year dot! Some choice items on offer. Be assured they are not leftovers from Internet Auctions, and the suchlike.

Dennis Waterman has sneaked in on this site, insisting on having a page all to himself. Well, he is an okay geezer! Hope he behaves himself.

15th September 2006
Over 200 albums have been added to the site this week. This is predominant in categories
Folk / Singer ~ Songwriter, Rock/ Prog/ Psych, and Monkees (new page).

5th September 2006
At last ~ record covers requiring the disc, and records needing the jacket are now available on
an exchange basis. There are more album covers to list. This will be added in the next week or so!
Please refer to the Contents or Index page.

16th August 2006
Offered by direct sale elsewhere on the Internet by an established company, are some fake Beatles Handbills (Fliers).
These are reprints 'doctored' to give the appearance that they are of original printing, priced well in excess of £500 each. Whether due to their ignorance or otherwise, it is hoped that this practice does not reflect badly against the likes of myself, or fellow trader Paul Wayne.

2nd August 2006
he Kinks LP inventory now compiled.
'Just' purchased a one-owner-free-new Traditional Folk Music collection of LP's. In the process
of adding to the listing... several Shirley Collins EP's are also in the collection!

12th July 2006
Frank Zappa and his Mothers Of Invention albums compiled and uploaded.
Walker Brothers to follow.. soon.

3rd May 2006:
The stock of reissue albums of 1960's / 70's pop, psych, etc, has now been compiled. If you do not want to fork out three figures for an original issue of the Chocolate Watch Band and the suchlike, this is where it's at!

23rd April 2006:
The minimum order value+ processed (accepted) is still £14, assuming payment is now received within the specified time. That is, on receipt of notification of 'Total To Pay' email: 
CARD within 48 hours; CHEQUE 5 working days within the UK, 10 working days the rest of the world.

If this request cannot be fulfilled, then the minimum order processed is £20+. Problem arises locating stock reserved for extensive periods. Assessing this situation, the time spent does not justify the small profit. Thank you for your consideration in this matter!
                                               + plus the appropriate postage.

1960's / 70's Rock / Progressive/ etc has now been set on 6 pages, with some new additions that have just been found whilst having a bit of a 'sort out' in the store. One day will be totally organised....? These include some 1960's USA only issues that were part of a collection purchased in the 1980's from a widow who's late husband was a avid collector of Progressive, Psychedelic, and the Pretty Things (hence the P. T. library records featured on this site. Having only now got round to processing many of this assembly of curio's, it's another step forward to attempting to get oneself totally organised!?  Please be patient in the awaiting of the images to accompany these additions!

ps. the stock holding of repressings of this genre that were issued predominantly in the 1980's will be compiled and uploaded within the next 4 weeks. Many of these are from the Destiny One shop, being new ( unsold) stock.

18th March 2006:
This page is new!

Ken Dodd and the Diddymen + Sooty constructed. This is to expand the 1950's ~ 60's Juvenile theme, that is taking shape now that the construction of Francis Coudrill / Hank The Cowboy project has been added to the site.

Beach Boys UK albums are now portrayed, and includes information as to date of issues, which is incorrectly stated in nearly every case elsewhere.

Neder Pop/ Beat albums are now listed ~think it is it all double Dutch to you and will most probably not be interested in this category?  Apart from the generally recognised groups (due to their 1970's international exploitation), such as FOCUS and GOLDEN EARRING, there are some very collectible artists that produced some interesting and very listenable music; Cuby + The Blizzards, JayJays, Motions. Outsiders, Q65 comes to mind...

Pink Floyd LP's. Phew! Inventory whittled down to 40 or so units after listening arduously to 70 plus. However, this is the rule rather than the exception. Records that have been accumulated over the years that are now receiving undivided attention, are duly being segregated between what is and what was believed to be....!

Listings readjusted!  Many of the frames on the sales pages have been adapted using 'Autofit', with the remaining to be adjusted in due course. Although depending on type of Browser and size of Monitor (anyone still using a 14"?) employed by viewer, in most instances the information set out within each frame should now display as actually set out!


Standard issue of a Mono Sgt Pepper UK LP tipping the scales at £1000 on the Internet ~ wow! 

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