Valuations And Advice 

There is a consultancy charge levied for any information requested that is not already supplied about record pressings, observations, printings, etc, that is not applicable to a specific item on offer for sale on this site.

Payment is by way of c r e d i t  c a r d  up-front. The exact amount requested will be determined on receipt of the email that has the questions set out. As it usually takes more than one email to evaluate and/ or identify specific pressings (usually due to insufficient information being received), the minimum charge is 5 per item. 

Please note: no matter where one obtained the accompanied 'COA' ...
.                                 ... Autographs are not valued !

Two options are available for monies received for the service:
  1) will be donated to the registered charity DEVON AIR AMBULANCE
  2) a credit for the amount paid will be held on file. This can be used 
       against a future purchase (no expiry date).

When emailing, please state your choice.

Thank you!  


ps. Valuations pertain to the genre as sold on this site. If Mr. Knowles sticks to MInton,
       I promise to stick to Mint n Boxed, then hopefully there will be no embarrassing
       errors (on HIS behalf ! :)

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