Payments accepted , postage, etc

Trade Cards Ordering Information

A pre-payment of 20 is required for the processing of a card
order that consists of 10 or more cards (excludes sets / part sets) . This is termed as a service payment.
 When the cards have been collated, an invoice will be emailed. This will include a deduction of the 20.

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Each category is in year of issue order.
Re page 1: Please use the short cut links at the top of the page
Small images portrayed under the heading are examples from the series.

o/s = out of stock


As with all other merchandise on offer on this Web Site, much
time has  been spent to carefully grade when listing all the cards.
No cards have had their edges trimmed, buffed, etc.
The grading is a fair and true assessment.

Where 3 or 4 duplicated numbers are listed, this will (usually) indicate that these are uncirculated.
Ordering any numbers where duplicates are in stock; the best example of requested # will be sent.

If it is requested that individual  cards are to be appraised for
 (1) dead centering (2) perfect corners (3) Mint / Mint minus condition...
...then an additional 25% will to added to the stated prices for this time consuming exercise.
 Also, the discount scheme will not be applicable unless it is a substantial order.
A pre-payment will be requested, so as to prevent any (further) reneges on this service.

About Borders
Where it is stated that there is no border on one side, this is the observation that
the cards were not aligned to true when the sheet was cut. The card itself has not
been 'trimmed', and unless otherwise described, is still the correct dimensions!


Not only are there two price bands, so as to differentiate condition, a discount scheme is employed:
10% discount when purchasing 35+  * 15% discount on 65+  *  20% discount on 100+
Not applicable on compiled near or whole sets - and these will not be "split".

nd = no discount (also applies to end numbers)

The discount scheme here is offered for non credit card PP sales.
Thus, if paying with a c r e d i t card or PayPa1 = it is less 3% from the discount rates generously offered.

'What you see is what you get'

On request, any set priced 50+ can be photographed and forwarded via email attachment.

It is commonly known by the author of this Empire that sellers on Internet auction sites
use this site as a 'guide' to prices. However, in respect of condition, that is a different matter!

Ordering numerous individual numbers:

The easiest way to send your wants is to highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) the whole section (TITLE with info, and complete list of numbers) that includes the cards required, paste this into the email box * then delete the numbers that are not required. This way, it will be clearly understood exactly which cards that you wish to purchase. Confirmation will be sent as to availability and total  as-soon-as-possible (usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends).

Please remember to order card numbers that are stated as being in stock. If the email includes others not found set out on the current stock-holding pages, the order will not be processed.

Payments accepted , postage, etc

* = if sending by letter post, copy and paste into a Word Document, and print out.

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Peter Rice  Destiny One