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There are external links inserted on some of the pages that lead to other sites. These are deemed of interest in relation to the subject matter in hand. The links are provided as a goodwill gesture. There is no affiliation with these sites. 

On the whole, the linked sites are non-commercial, and do not contain offensive images or bad language ~ and most probably never will. However, it is possible that something could change overnight. Therefore, if any person encounters any of the aforementioned, please email so the link can be removed immediately.

Any person who uses information from this site for attempted monetary gain (**see below) does so at his or her own risk. As no permission is given for this practice, no liability is accepted if anybody loses monies or equivalent of.

Information set out within this site is for the general well being. Note that it is not hand-me-down data. Therefore, occasionally, one might wish to disagree on one or more points stated, as conflicting information can be found elsewhere on the Internet, etc. As much of what is written on many sites has been copied (and in many cases stolen) from others, any error or outdated information from the origin is passed along the chain.

If you are easily impressed with all the knowledge that novice sellers appear to possess, you are probably not aware of the free information site wikipedia, where many a gifted child has the ability to copy and paste an abundance of useful data!

When you next read some blurb on a site that appears 'familiar', copy a detailed phrase or sentence from the page, and paste it into Google's specific phrase box on their Advanced Search page. You may be surprised at the results!

If you have an important correction you would like to state pertaining to this site, you are welcome to forward an email!

The warnings of Hotlinking images from this site are outlined on the introduction page.

** auctions, competitions, exchanging with others,  gambling, etc.

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