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Peter Butterworth's film screen debut was most probably the 1948 film 'WILLIAM' film titled 'WILLIAM AT THE CIRCUS' (also known as 'WILLIAM COMES TO TOWN').

'Coincidently'... also included in the
WILLIAM film cast was Jon Pertwee as a circus superintendent. This film was shown on television in 1992. 

Unexpectedly, a few weeks after this screening, I met Jon at a special Doctor Who Day at Longleat Safari Park, in Somerset. He had recently been in hospital for an operation, and was not looking too well, having to use a walking stick to stable himself. But as he was loyal to his fans, and with four of the other 'Doctors' in attendance, he insisted on turning up that day. 

During my conversation with him in the site's office whilst he was waiting for his taxi to take him home, I mentioned that I had seen him on TV in his brief appearance in the 1948 'William' film a few weeks prior, chasing William around the fairground. He remembered it well, telling me that it was filmed at Bertram Mills Circus, and although it was fun, it was hard going running around in his 'great-coat'!

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