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Re Paddy, Klaus& Gibson

Long before centimetres were forced upon us, an attractive concert programme-come-poster measuring 11” x 46” was produced in 1965 for a National UK Tour, being organised and promoted by the Beatles manager Brain Epstein, in conjunction with off-shore Radio London, with the station’s renowned DJ Pete Brady as compere.

Billed as “STAR SCENE 65”, the headliners were the Everly Brothers, Cilla Black, and Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas. Support acts were a vocal quartet the Marionettes, Lionel Blair and his Kick Dancers, and a newly formed pop-beat group based in Liverpool called Paddy, Klaus & Gibson. Although this trio issued three singles during this period, sales were poor, and they are generally unknown to most as this act. However, it becomes interesting when one realises that ‘Klaus’ was Klaus Voorman, who in 1966, designed the front cover of the Beatles album ‘Revolver’.

Klaus had befriended the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany in their early days, and his ex-girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr became engaged and married to the fifth Beatle (then known as the Silver Beatles) at the time, Stuart Sutcliffe. ‘Coincidentally’, another of the trio, Gibson Kemp, previously a drummer with Rory Storm And The Hurricanes, became engaged to Astrid sometime after Stuart Sutcliffe died of a brain haemorrhage. 

Postscript:** Rory Storm’s original drummer had been Ringo Starr, but he was ‘pinched’ from him by.. you-know-who!
                  ** In a later interview, Brenda Lee remembered John, Paul, etc as the 'Golden Beatles'.

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