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Paris Street, Exeter.


Brothers Christopher and Richard Wilson set up The Left Bank record shop in 1963
Beatles to Zappa on the ground floor (insipid Swedish pop groups had as yet not brainwashed
the British middle-of-the-road listener), Classical upstairs, coffee on the top floor. 

By sheer coincidence (what else?) : (1) the shop opened in 1963 when The Beatles
 boom all began; (2) I distinctly remember walking up Paris Street and seeing the banner
outside the ABC advertising that the Beatles were to appear there. I thought to myself who
would want to go to that and put up with a load of screaming girls. Being just 8 years old,
I think truth is I knew had no chance because of the economics involved!


 A publicity card, designed by Neil


The infamous Nola White joined the busy shop in September 1973, 
helping to boost sales of Classical vinyl with her expertise and charm.


Nola next to Soprano Emma Kirby (2nd from right)
 visiting the LEFT BANK shoppe in the early 1980s. 


Monday 8th March 1982
 Victoria De Los Angles personal appearance
at the THE LEFT BANK, the day following
her performance at Torrington.

 Nola's programme from 2nd March 1982,
autographed by Victoria de los Angeles.


April 1985? saw Exeter's flags at half mast when, due to lease expiration and
competition from the 'big boys', the shop closed. Coincidently, another two brothers,
David and Michael Wallace, who had the leasehold of PITTS in the High Street, took
on the name and good will of The Left Bank, as well as some of the staff.


 Nola White with Martin during the opening of 
THE LEFT BANK in PITTS store in the High Street.

With thanks to Nola White for supplying the images on this page.

Feb 2013:  50 years on

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