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 Elvis RCA LP's

Section 1: Original HIS MASTER'S VOICE label

Three UK albums were issued with this label. These were deleted* from
EMI's catalogue when RCA took on Elvis Presley's record productivity in 1957.

(aka 'Wealth Warning')

Elvis Presley's initial UK albums did sell very well at the time, although 'Elvis Presley No. 2' and 'Best Of' are harder to find, possibly partly due to their repeated short duration playing time, but primarily because of the brief period these were available! However, locating any of Elvis' early releases is only part of the battle! One has then to consider whether the condition is acceptable for the collection.

Exterior: most pre 1962 albums were issued with fragile covers (RCA titles clarified on the applicable page), with the three HMV releases being no exception. Although the scare 10" LP 'The Best Of Elvis' can be found with a decent cover^, most examples of CLP 1105 and CLP 1093 have their jackets damaged, with many having severe rips and/ or pieces missing. Being slid in and out of a collection of records jammed in a cupboard was the order of the day. Fraying and lamination peel on opening edge would be the first problem that occurred. Bear in mind that at that time, it was very unlikely that records were housed in any form of plastic protection. Therefore, if forking out big money for a supposedly Excellent or Near Mint sleeve, do ensure that it has not been 'trimmed'. This can be verified quite easily by inspecting the rear of the jacket. The backs of all three HMV issue LPs' covers have exterior fold-over (flaps) top and bottom edge, with their curved ends aligning with the very edges.

be aware that 'The Best Of Elvis' cover can be colour photocopied as one entity, and a few examples of this are in circulation.

Removal of tatty lamination: this practice can improve the appearance of a cover dramatically that is suffering from acute lamination peeling, but do be careful if you decide to do this. Be confident that once you commence the total removal the layer that the film is not adhered firmly to the photograph, as this will create damage. If unsure, leave alone!  Remember that any record jacket, be it LP or EP, that has had the lamination totally removed (peeled off), decreases the record value by at least 25%. 

Contents: it has to be remembered that years ago, especially the 1950's, unless someone was a hi-fi buff, most records were played on a basic record player, with an 'everlasting'' stylus that was possibly used to also play 78's!  Furthermore, many record collections were 'stacked' on multi-players. Early vinyl LPs are less durable, so until the disc is played on one's own system, it will not be known if the record has been 'dansetted' Most of us have in our possession a record that visually appears a write-off, but when played can sound better than a near mint example! If a record does sound awful on playback, then usually it has had it's day, but if there is just some light irritating noise apparent, it could be possible that this could be rectified by having the disc professionally cleaned and then played -  at least four times in succession. A time consuming exercise, but can be very rewarding!
Record Grading defined

* -->
10" LP "THE BEST OF ELVIS" was repressed in the 1980's (matte sleeve - no flaps).
* --> 'dansetted'
is a wonderful terminology, courtesy of Paul Westlake, Newton Abbot.

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"ROCK 'N' ROLL"  ~ CLP 1093 * 1956  elvis_rocknroll_1a.jpg (12462 bytes)

  Ref 3:
a) Pressing Plate Stampers GD12/ GD12
b) Purchase Tax embossed is RT = EMI's code for Oct 1955 ~ May 1957
( 60% of the retail price was government tax! )

  The 'ELVIS' lettering on the front cover is a lighter pink than most examples (the photograph on file has not picked this up)
  Back cover has the HMV to the far left.

  Sleeve: front has very slight bump bottom right corner; light impression of circumference (rim) of disc;
                back minimal lamination peeling on top left very edge and right ends on the flaps. 
                No fraying on the edges. Spine NM. No splits. 'Fussy' overall min. of VG+, but if ?

  Labels are Mint - condition

  Vinyl: visually NM.  Sound-wise, final track on side 1 has some crackling, otherwise this album plays VG+ to EX.


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