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The following seven pages depict some of the original
television story boards devised and drawn by Francis.

Hank The Cowboy never enjoyed any later repeats, thus is probable that these designs were
only ever seen the one time, and for a very short duration, usually of no more than one minute.

Where side tabs are observed, this indicates that there is one or more moveable parts.
A nodding head or a levered jaw is for the character's speech action. 

7" x 35" (18cm x 51cm)  *  Pete 7" high
Lever tilts Mexican Pete's head back (not the jaw).
 As seen on TV many moons ago!


Art area 19" x 13" (48cm x 32cm)
Under sides are supported by strips of wood, providing a space underneath to  
allow for movement of the 2 levers: one moves Silver King's head and hind legs,
giving the impression he is laughing,  the other tab raises Hank's head up away
from his jaw, so as to give the effect that he is speaking.                                         


25" x 20" (64cm x 51cm)
When the rear lever is titled, Freddie Parrot is jumping up and down 
on the drum, the Hill Billy's arm and fiddle motion with foot tapping,  
Cassy bounces on the stool with his arm/ hand banging the piano.    

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