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Unless one is seeking true first-off-the-press examples, there is no cause for concern in identifying original pre 1970 issue Who albums, as these were only available during this period.  

All original issues on Track have matte black labels. Track records (re)pressed after 1975 have shiny, smooth labels. The exception is 'Live At Leeds' as all issues have a white label with blue print. First issues of this are explained within the listing set out on this page.  

If an LP has the actual pressing/ printing date stated, this has been identified from the information on the original Polydor inner. *  o/s - out of stock (all examples held now sold)


All the records on this page  have been professionally cleaned and play graded, and unless o/w stated, are
  original issues. The LP discs are placed into a new poly-lined inner, whilst the original inner sleeve is present.

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WHO "MY GENERATION" ~ Brunswick LAT 8616 * 1965

   1) sold
   2)  B 1 / B 1: Sleeve front EX-; back VG+  *  Record EX- (1st 2 trks on s1 play VG+; rest EX to NM)  MyGenerationBrunswick2_WhoLP.jpg (123756 bytes)  @ ***


WHO "A QUICK ONE" ~ Reaction 593 002 * 1966
  Whiskey Man, Cobwebs & Strange, Heatwave, See My Way, While He's Away, Boris The Spider, + 4



WHO "SELL OUT" ~ Track 612/ 613 002 * 1967
  I assume Heinz paid for the production and/ or promotion of this record?....and..
  ...side 1 includes Jingles, courtesy of Radio London.



WHO "THE BEST OF THE WHO" ~ Polydor 184 152 * 1967 (Germany)
 Bucket 'T', I'm A Boy, Pictures Of Lily, Doctor Doctor, I Can See For Miles, Substitute, Happy Jack,
   The Last Time, In The City, Call Me Lightnin', Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Dogs *Stereo

    1) Sleeve front VG+; back EX+ (lam. both sides) * Record EX (plays NM; has a name written on s1 label) wholp_bestofgermany.jpg (26092 bytes)  @ 28


WHO "DIRECT HITS" ~ Track 612/ 613 006 * 1968
Strange title for an album that includes five 'non-hits'.



WHO "TOMMY" ~ Track 2657 002 * 1969
  There are several pressing one may wish to accumulate. The records listed here will assist in identifying the variants!
    All 2-LP issues have the sides arranged as:  Record 1 sides 1 + 4; Record 2 sides 2 + 3
    Note that although the Booklet states 'limited edition number', only early printings were individually numbered.

                    1st issues have laminated covers with cat. # 613 013 4.  *  Labels state '
DOUBLE ALBUM (Record 1)' etc TommyLabels_sample.jpg (111384 bytes)

                               2nd issues are matte covers having a cat. # 2657 002. Labels have 613013/ 4, 
                                                  but do not state '
DOUBLE ALBUM or (Record 1)'  etc TommyLabels_sample.jpg (111384 bytes)

     5) matte Sleeve fron VG/ back G+ (due to scuffing) *  Booklet EX+ 
        Disc 1: A/ 1-B/ 3 is VG+ (plays EX+)  Disc 2: A/ 1-B/ 2 is EX (plays EX+)  @ 28

     6) matte Sleeve VG+ (but back is VG-) *  Booklet NM *  Disc 1: A/ 1-B/ 3 is EX (s1 intro plays 
                                               VG+, rest NM);  Disc 2: A/ 1-B/ 2 is EX (plays EX  to NM)  @ 20

7) UK matte Sleeve 2657 002 VG * no Booklet * USA pressed Vinyl  613013/ 4 with thin vinyl with grey labels:
                                                                        Disc 1 NM (VG+ to mostly NM); Disc 2 EX (plays NM) @ 12

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   8)  Reissue as separate albums. Jacket design (same, but in dif. colours) is taken from the above issue's internal fold-out.
           TOMMY PART ONE Aug '72 print: Sleeve VG *  Record A/ 1-A/ 1 is min. VG (plays VG to VG+)
              TOMMY PART TWO Sep '72 print: Sleeve VG+ *  Record B/ 2-B/ 3 is VG+ (plays VG+ to EX)
pair TommyPart1and2_WhoLPs.jpg (38334 bytes)  @ 40
                 nb. above labels state "TOMMY REVISITED - PART 1"  +  "TOMMY REVISITED - PART 2"
    Some issues do not have 'REVISITED' included


WHO "THE BEST OF THE WHO" ~ Polydor Special 236 722 * 1969 (Holland)
 Bucket 'T', I'm A Boy, Pictures Of Lily, Doctor Doctor, I Can See For Miles, Substitute, Happy Jack, The Last Time,
  In The City, Call Me Lightnin', Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Dogs.  All in glorious mucked-about Stereo

     1) Sleeve front EX- with light contour on edges; back NM 
          Record: s1 EX+; s2 VG+ (s2 starts off VG+, o/w plays EX+
) BestOfTheWho_Holland1969LP.jpg (70727 bytes) @ 40


WHO "LIVE AT LEEDS" ~ Track 2406 001 * 1970
   Complete package contains 9 x copies of 1960's correspondence etc, a small poster of PT,  the Marquee poster, and
   an early  Who publicity photo.  Originals printings of these:  the 9 x pieces of literature on 
   contract &
THE HIGH NUMBERS account being on yellow paper.  The PT poster and 'NEW ACTION LTD'  are folded.
   The very first record covers have the Track Record details etc within the gatefold in black lettering.
     The following are genuine packages, with no items having been swopped / switched !

    5) 2nd printing August '70: Sleeve EX ( titled in blue;  blue within) *  all 12 Inserts present (yellow PTA VG+; rest NM) 
                                                                                       Record A/ 1- B/ 1 is VG+ (plays EX to mainly NM) @  68

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WHO "MEATY BEATY BIG & BOUNCY" ~ Track 2406 006 * 1971
13 x 'A' sides up to "The Seeker", plus "Boris The Spider" from "A Quick One" LP.  Three tracks are in Mono.

   1) Oct '71 pressing: Sleeve EX+ *  Record NM (plays EX- to mostly NM)  @ 30
     2) Sleeve EX+ * Record NM (plays EX+ to NM) MeatyBeatyBigBouncy2_WhoLP.jpg (36218 bytes)  @ 30
3) Sleeve: left + top border  a narrow 'fade' band o/w NM * Record M (plays as new)   @ 30


WHO "POP HISTORY VOL 4 THE WHO" ~ Polydor 2675 012 * 1971 (Germany)
STUDIO TRACKS: Smash The Mirror, Heatwave, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Overture, Doctor!, In The City, Mary Anne.., 
  Sally Simpson, I Can see For Miles, You See My Way, The Acid Queen, We're Gonna Take It, Summertime Blues, 
  Bucket 'T', Our Love Was, Christmas, Don't Look Away, Call Me Lightning *  LIVE: Magic Bus 7.30, My Generation 14.27

1) Sleeve VG+ (light creasing top + bottom on external of g/f) *  Records are M- (both play min. of NM) PopHistory4TheWho_GermanLP.jpg (82876 bytes)  @ 34

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WHO "WHO'S NEXT" ~ Track 2408 102 * 1971


WHO "QUADROPHENIA" ~ Track 26657 013 * 1973
  Unless o/w noted, these are the first issues with four of the songs within the Booklet having a sub-title by Pete Townshend.



WHO "ODDS & SODS" ~ Track 2406 116 * 1974
 Now I'm A Farmer, Postcard, Put The Money Down, Pure And Easy, I'm The Face (1964), Long Live Rock, etc.
  Okay you clever dicks... how many variants of this cover are there?  Yes, the first printings do have the title in Braille
    on the back, but did you know there are several differences to the way the 'tear' holes on the front are die-cut ?..zzz..  also..

    1) Sleeve EX-
(Braille)missing Poster  *  orig. g/f photo / lyrics Insert EX+ (of thin paper) *  
                                        Record: s1 VG+; s2 EX+ (plays VG on quiet bits, o/w mainly NM)  @ 15
2) Sleeve NM (Braille) * orig. colour Poster EX (of  thin, shiny paper) *  orig. g/f 
           photo / lyrics Insert M- (thin paper) *  Record EX+ (plays VG+ to mainly NM) 
OddsAndSods2_WhoLP.jpg (85155 bytes)  @ 55
    3) Sleeve min. VG+ (non-Braille, and now does not have the extra colour poster card as
               division affixed within cover) * col. Poster NM (matte card) *  g/f photo / lyrics Insert NM
                                            (slightly thicker gauge) * Record M-  (plays EX to m. NM) 
OddsAndSods3_WhoLP.jpg (60333 bytes) @ 20 
4) Sleeve EX (non-Braille;  no division within) *  no Poster *  g/f photo / lyrics Insert NM *  dif. cat.  # ACB 254 with
    shiny Track label +  with re-mix credits moved to 6 o'clock of label *  Record M- (plays VG+ to mainly NM)  @ 14


Most of the following records that are graded M- / M- or similar are ex-shop (new), and have been played two or
three times only by yours truly. Although new, some vinyl purchased at the time of issue did not play perfectly!

WHO "THE WHO BY NUMBERS" ~ Polydor 2490 129 * 1975
 Several UK editions in stock: all have:  the covers printed in England, the record pressed in Holland.

   1) Sleeve VG+  (no'd 78227) * Record M- (plays as new)  @ 18
    2) Sleeve EX (no'd 62729)  *  Record M- (plays as new) 
WhoByNumbersLP2.jpg (54796 bytes)  @ 24
3) Sleeve EX- (no'd 73293) * Record NM (plays EX)  @ 10


WHO "THE STORY OF THE WHO" ~ Polydor 2683 069 * 1976
   26 tracks including 8 from Tommy and 4 from Who's Next, plus 'Slip Kid'.
   Housed in a shiny gatefold cover, having an affixed 6-page insert.

Sleeve EX+ *  Records are  M- (play as new)  @ 25


WHO "WHO ARE YOU" ~ Polydor WHOD 5004 * 1978
Sleeve NM *  Record M- (plays as new)  @ 20
July '78 pressing: Sleeve NM * Record M- (plays as new)   @ 20


WHO "IT'S HARD" ~ Polydor WHOD 5066 * 1978

  1) Sleeve NM *  Lyric Inner NM *  Record M- (plays as new)  ItsHard_WhoLP.jpg (51311 bytes)  @ 20


WHO "THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT" ~ Polydor 2675 179 * 1979
   2-LP's of music from the Soundtrack of the Movie, with three additional tracks: Happy Jack, ..Miles, My Wife.

1) Sleeve VG- (some damage on right from sticker removal) *  Booklet NM *  double sided Who albums Flier EX * 
                            Inners VG+ *  Disc 1 VG+/ EX-; disc 2 EX/ EX (s1 plays VG+ to mostly NM; 2/ 3/ 4 min. of NM)  @ 12

     2) Sleeve EX (non g/f ~ records kept separate from new ~ scarce in this condition) * Booklet M * 
            double sided Who albums Flier M *  Inners M- *  Disc 1 VG+/ EX;  disc 2 VG+/ NM (all play as new) KidsAreAlright2_WhoLP.jpg (92387 bytes)  @ 40

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WHO "QUADROPHENIA" ~ Polydor 2625 037 * 1979
  Music from the Soundtrack of the film.  Sides 1, 2, and 3 The Who,  while side 4 features:
                                 James Brown, Kingsmen, Booker T etc, Cascades, Chiffons, Ronettes, Crystals.

1) Sleeve M- *  photographic Inners VG+ (bit wrinkly- not dam.)
       Records: s4 VG+ (plays VG+ to NM);  rest NM (play NM) Quadrophenia1979_WhoLP.jpg (54387 bytes)  @  20


WHO "MY GENERATION" ~ Virgin V2179 * 1980
  Front + back cover design as Brunswick issue *  The promotional poster for this album is also in stock.



WHO "A QUICK ONE ~ SELL OUT" ~ Track 2683 038 * 1980
  The two albums reissued on the
TRACK RECORD label, housed in their original
                                 cover designs as a gatefold cover, which is fully laminated.

1) Sleeve M- *  Records NM (play NM)  QuickOneSellOut_2LP.jpg (102986 bytes)  @ 28


WHO "FACE DANCES" ~ Polydor WHOD 5057 * 1981
  Don't Let Go The Coat, You Better You Bet, Cache, Daily Records, You, Another Tricky Day, etc.

1) Sleeve M * lyric Inner NM *  Poster NM ( image as front cover) *  Record M (plays as new)  FaceDances1_WhoLP.jpg (84633 bytes) @ 24
    2) Canadian press on WB: Sleeve EX+ *  lyric Inner VG+ 
           Poster NM (image as front cover) *  Record EX+ (plays NM)  @ 15


WHO "BEST OF THE SIXTIES" ~ Karussell 2872 120 * 1984 (Germany)
 My Generation, Substitute, I'm A Boy, Pictures Of Lily, Won't Get Fooled Again, Long Live Rock, 
  Happy Jack, The Kids Are Alright, I Can See For Miles, The Seeker, 5:15, Magic Bus * 
label title is "My Generation".
    All are single versions and are in Stereo, but some of the early tracks are 'enhanced' stereo.

  1) Sleeve EX- (worth owning just for the photograph on the front cover!) * Record VG (plays VG+ to NM) BestOfTheSixtiesWho_GarmanLP.jpg (56969 bytes)  @ 10


WHO "JOIN TOGETHER" ~ MCA MCA3 19501 * 1990(USA)
 Box set consisting of 3 x LP's ( live = U.S. Tour 1989), and an 8-page Booklet.

1) Box NM, but has deletion cut on top ridge * Booklet NM (also small d. cut!) *  Records M- (play as new) JoinTogetherBoxSet_WhoLP.jpg (72238 bytes)  @ 12


ROGER DALTREY "DALTREY" ~ Track 2406107 * 1973
 Giving It All Away, Thinking, It's A Hard Life, One Man Band, Reasons, etc.

1) Sleeve EX+ ( textured g/f) *  Record: s1 VG; s2 VG+ (plays EX to NM)   @ 1
   2) Sleeve M ( textured g/f) *  Record M (plays as new)  @ 34
   3) Sleeve EX (g/f) * record VG+ (plays EX to NM) @ 8


ROGER DALTREY "RIDE A ROCK HORSE" ~ Polydor 2442 135 * 1975
 Get Your Love, Oceans Away Walking The Dog (slow version- dif. to 7"), Milk Train, etc.
  Includes Russ Ballard, Henry Spinetti, Tony Meehan, Dave Wintour.

1) Sleeve VG+ (lam. both sides) * credits Inner VG+ *  Record VG+ (plays VG+ to mainly NM)  @ 10
    2) Sleeve NM (lam. both sides)  *  credits Inner NM *  Record NM (plays as new)   @ 38


ROGER DALTREY "McVICAR" ~ Polydor 5034 * 1980
  Includes Kenny Jones, Billy Nicholls, Frank Ricotti, Tony Carr, John Entwistle, Herbie Flowers, Jeff Wayne.

1) CLEAR VINYL: Sleeve VG+ (Embossed cell bars. The silver has rubbing) *  
              illus Inner M- (24 x photos from the film) *   Record M- (plays VG+ to NM) McVicarLP.jpg (58755 bytes)  @ 28
                    + bonus item (not shown): 4-page illustrated Cinema Press Book (EX)



  1) Sleeve M *  illus./ lyric Inner M *  Record M- (plays as new) RagingMoon1_RogerDaltreyLP.jpg (39787 bytes)  @ 18

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KEITH MOON "THE TWO SIDES OF THE MOON" ~ Polydor / Track 2442 134 * 1975
  Cover has a die-cut window to reveal card Inner that depicts...
you know ! *  This album guests more artists than one
   could ever remember.. John Lennon, Ringo Starr, John Sebastian, Joe Walsh, Rick Nelson, Harry Nilsson, etc.

1)  Sleeve EX *  Inner EX *  Record EX- (plays NM) BothSidesOfTheMoon_KeithMoonLP.jpg (50348 bytes)  @ 40


 With Jerry Shirley, Cyrano.  Song 'No 29' includes Viv Stanshall & Neil Innes, Keith Moon. Cool (cold?) cover design to boot!

  1) May '71 pressing: Sleeve min. VG+ *  Record VG+ (plays NM)  @ 20


JOHN ENTWISTLE "WHISTLE RYMES" ~ Track 2406 104 * 1972
 With Peter Frampton, Rod Coombes, Johnny Weider, Neil Sheppard, Alan Ross.
1) USA pressing DL 79190: Sleeve NM apart from the offensive corner-cut (lyrics, etc within the g/f)
                                                                              Record: s1; s2 VG (plays VG+ to EX) WhistleRymes1_JohnEnwistleLP.jpg (82252 bytes)  @ 6


  With Tony Ashton, Graham Deakin, Alan Ross, Howie Casey,
    The Ladybirds. Incl. his 'My Wife', and a rip-off of Valen's  'Donna'!

1) Sleeve VG+ (embossed ~ small bump top corner + small tape residue at opening, o/w min. EX) * 
                                                                    credits Inner EX *  Record EX (plays EX to mainly NM)  @ 24

    2) Sleeve NM ( title is embossed) *  credits Inner NM *  Record M- (plays as new) RigorMortis2_JohnEntwistleLP.jpg (79844 bytes)  @ 45
3) USA press Track/ MCA321  with cover design reversed = within g/f is exterior: Sleeve M- but does have
                                                   a disrespectful deletion-cut corner  *  Record M- (plays EX to mainly NM 
RigorMortisUSA_JohnEntwistleLP.jpg (59033 bytes)  @ 16

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PETE TOWNSHEND "WHO CAME FIRST" ~ Track 2408 201 * 1972
 Laminated g/f  cover. Includes solo version of his composition "Let's See Action". 
  Some issues came with a g/f print of a painting by Michael McLanemy.

1) Aug '72 printing:  Sleeve EX *  Insert NM *  Record s1 VG; s2 VG+  (plays EX) @ 20
   2) Aug '72 printing:  Sleeve NM *  Insert NM *  Record s1 VG-; s2 VG+  (s2 trk 4 plays VG+; rest NM) WhoCameFirst2_PeteTownshendLP.jpg (57262 bytes)
  @ 28
  3) Sleeve EX- *  Record VG (plays VG+ to EX)  @ 9


PETE TOWNSHEND "EMPTY GLASS" ~ Atco K 50699 * 1980
1) Sleeve NM * lyric Inner M- * Poster M- *  Record NM (plays NM)  @ 28
  2) Sleeve EX *  lyric Inner M- *  Poster EX *  Record M- (middle of 
             trk 1 on s1 has slight distortion- pressing?, o/w plays NM) EmptyGlass2_PeteTownshendLP.jpg (61251 bytes) @ 20

     a 3rd example in stock (no Poster) :  s1 trk 1 has really bad noise, so there must be a faulty batch in circulation !



  1) Sleeve NM * lyric Inner EX *  Record NM (plays NM) CowboysChineseEyes1_LP.jpg (70201 bytes)  @ 16


PETE TOWNSHEND "SCOOP" ~ Atco 79. 0063-1 * 1983
  Double album of 'Archives', including Who demo's.

  1) German pressing dis. in the UK: Sleeve NM * photo/ lyric Inners VG+ *  Records: s2 EX; 1,3,4, M- (play NM)


PETE TOWNSHEND "WHITE CITY" ~ Atco 252 392-1* 1985
  Double album of 'Archives', including Who demo's.

  1) German pressing dii. in the UK: Sleeve NM * photo/ lyric Inners EX- *  Record NM (plays NM) WhiteCity_PeteTownshendLP.jpg (45189 bytes)   @ 10


PETE TOWNSHEND / RONNIE LANE "ROUGH MIX" ~ Polydor 244247 * 1977
  As well as a photograph of Pete and Ronnie, a who's who of musicians featured on this aklbum is listed
                          within the g/f: Eric Clapton, Edwin Astley, John Entwistle, Charlie Watts, Mel Collins, etc.

1) Sleeve M *  Record M- (plays EX to NM)  @ 20
   2) Sleeve M *  Record M- (plays NM) RoughMix2_TownshendLaneLP.jpg (69725 bytes)  @ 24


VARIOUS "TOMMY" ~ ODE-A&M SP 9001 * 1972 (USA)
 2-LP's: Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Maggie Bell, Steve Winwood, Roger Daltrey, Sandy Denny, Ritchie Havens, etc.
   USA pressing, distributed / retailed within the UK.

  1) Slip-case min. VG+ *  g/f pinball / credit Inner EX  * Booklet NM * silver Inners VG *  Records VG @ 15

   2) Slip-case NM * g/f pinball / credit Inner EX * Booklet NM *  folded Pamphlet EX (details storyline artists, etc.)
                                                                                                       silver Inners VG *  Records VG  Tommy1972USA_WhoLP.jpg (59987 bytes)  @ 24


VARIOUS "TOMMY" ~ Polydor 2335094 * 1975
 2-LP's: Original Soundtrack Recording. Eric Clapton, Oliver reed, Tina Turner, Elton John, Ann-Margret, etc.

1) Sleeve EX- (2 light creases on front of g/f, o/w NM) * Inners NM
         4-page Cinema Synopsis with Badge TommySynopsisAndBadge.jpg (21392 bytes)  * Records NM (play as new)  Tommy1975_WhoLP.jpg (86912 bytes)   @ 34
2) Sleeve VG * Inners VG+ * Records NM (play NM) @ 14


 Ken Russell Soundtrack. Roger Daltrey, Paul Nicholas, Linda Lewis. Rick Wakeman musical arrangements.

  1) Sleeve VG  * Record EX  (plays VG+ to EX)   @ 7

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