In Memoriam
 Torquay, Devon

Important announcement:
Due to received (short) notification @ 20th February
 that the Belgrave Hotel has been sold to a chain and
is closing for a major refit, etc. on March 15th...

- - - - -

September 2008:

The premises are no longer a traditional style hotel, and the character has been lost forever. Furthermore, there are no facilities to hold a fair of any kind. 

As this was the only venue considered suitable within this area, it is with much regret to announce that no record fairs (oh, and toy fairs) will be held again in Torbay by Destiny One Promotions.

Thank you for those that supported the fairs for the past 6+ years.  As well as being run as a business venture, we, the stall holders, enjoyed our 'day releases' at the hotel. The staff were always helpful and  friendly, and the atmosphere within the fair was always a pleasant one - the first record fair anywhere to have a 'No Smoking ' policy?

Having attended many fairs in the United Kingdom and abroad, the Belgrave Hotel was, in my opinion, about the best venue for standards and settings one could have wished for! Oh well...


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