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Although the Contents and Index pages have been suitably arranged, sometimes it can be more practical to search for specific items within the site.

The results that are returned when employing MiÁrosoft's Front Page "Search" program tends to be somewhat confusing.  A page was et up with their facility, but after uploading and conducting test searches, the conclusion was *?@*+$%*!

Therefore, you are directed to use Google, whom, in my opinion, offer one of the best search facilities on the Internet, as well as coming up with excellent results!

Search: Option 1  = Google Advanced Search

Search: Option 2 =  do it yourself

With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can utilize their service within this, and many other web sites:
                      (but see remarks on this subject within the Tips section)

1: Go to Google Advanced Search

2: Type  (or copy + paste) www.peterice.com  into the Domain box (states underneath "e.g. google.com., org More info")

   You are now ready to search within this web site...

3: In the box adjacent to "with the exact phrase" enter:  name of song, or record title, artist's name, magazine title, concert venue, gum card series, die-cast model toy, etc, etc.

4: Click onto Google Search ~ will display the appropriate pages, along with direct links.

Please note that any data uploaded to the site in the past few days will possibly not come up in the search results !


As many music artists and bands have names that are possibly unique to them in their field of entertainment, then obviously it is logical to use one name only in a search. Examples: Bassey, Cilla, Dusty, Kirby, Petula, Shapiro, Streisand, Como, Cochran, Crickets, Mathis, Bee (or Gees!), Clapton, Creedence, Fairport, Floyd, Kippington, Moody, Sabbath, and so on.

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard & Shadows, Elvis Presley, Billy Fury do have their own respective page listings for records and memorabilia (Stones mem. not yet compiled), so therefore these artists can be found immediately by referring to the site Contents page.

About this site's entered data:

Bands are always indexed and listed as named e..g. PINK FLOYD  (not FLOYD, PINK). This applies to all listings/ descriptions/ categories. nb. the exception to above is when the band is named after the leader: DEE DAVE ETC;  CLARK DAVE FIVE;  DAVIS SPENCER GROUP. Bands have not been named as "THE".  e.g. TROGGS ( not THE TROGGS).  This applies to all listings/ descriptions/ categories.

Solo artists on Record listings pages are indexed as Surname, Christian name (e.g. JONES, TOM).
Solo artists on Memorabilia pages (such as Tour Programmes, Posters, etc) are on the whole listed as Christian name, Surname.
Solo artists within descriptions and information columns are listed as Christian Name, Surname. This applies to all listings/ categories.

Where space is restricted, some names have been abbreviated. This applies mainly to the Pop Magazines and Music Papers, especially where extra information has been included. This should be self evident on the applicable pages.

Search for specific names or titles, locations, and not categories or general enquiries. 
                                         For example: 
            Search "ORBISON" and not "EP's by ROY ORBISON"

There will be some new computer users who decide to search the Internet via a Search Engine for deleted vinyl records, who will not be aware of the customary procedure for listing in strict alphabetical order (i.e. Surname, Christina name). Therefore, hidden text has been added within the product listings on this site so as to attract business that could possibly be missed by this procedure. To this end, it is possible that an artist's name will appear as Surname, Christian name, Surname ( e.g. MAYALL, JOHN MAYALL) on a search result, or within a client's enquiry when copying and pasting the item/s required in the pre-set email box. Therefore, if searching for solo names, it is advisable to use Google's box "with all the words" instead of exact phrase. 

Please note that no data or names have been entered within this site to mislead users of Search Engines, etc. There is nothing more annoying when using a Search Engine for looking for particular items, to be bombarded with sites highlighting anything and everything, but when clicking onto them there is none to be found. This is actually spam. Sites pay search engines for this 'service'!

To this end, stock listed for sale on this site was available at the date specified at the top of each individual sale page ~ re. "This page last updated ......".

no compact discs listed on this site except within the the Beatles and Comedy categories

Images portrayed on this site!
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If you encounter any problems when following the above procedures, please email Mr. Bygraves...

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