March 2005

I went to a local auction  last month where I purchased a small pile of records that included test pressings of 2 x Spike Milligan LP's, a dble LP 1977 TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION Read by Bill Mitchell, Tom Bakers' Journey To The Centre Of The Earth dble LP, a 1980 7" Bernard Cribbins 'Laughing Traffic Warden' (as L. Policeman) and some others. When I got home to play them I realised that the common denominator is that they all credit Robert Parker as Engineer.

Also, there was an LP from 1975 on Polydor by WAVEMAKER. There is no credit to RP, but it is electronic music, and credits Brian Hodgson "10 years at BBC Radiophonic Workshop"..

It dawned on me when reading the credits that these belonged to Robert Parker the engineer. I noted at the auction there were quite a few items with 'PARKER' (as vendor) on the labels; books, ornaments, lamps, etc. I might have missed something interesting. It's typical that this time I did not view the auction prior to the day of the sale!

So I assumed that he had died. I contacted the auction house, who told me that the cheque for the sale of his goods is being sent to solicitors in Australia. I did a search on Google, and discovered that he was renowned for transferring Jazz recordings from 78 rpm  to LP and Compact Disc.. There were some interesting Jazz Books at the auction, Also more LP's of his, but mostly the bottom end of Classical. I did buy one lot of later issue Jazz LPs of his. I also purchased a pile of the Goons 2-CD sets which included about 12 Spike books. These were his also, but the CDs do not credit Robert Parker as the engineer.


Robert Parker obituary, etc