Private Policy

Client's Personal Information

Disclosure of purchases, email address, telephone number, etc, is and will not passed on to anyone.

Once an item that was listed for sale on the site has been deleted, the 'sold' price
   will not be disclosed to any person who makes an enquiry on this matter.

Information collected from  C r e d i t  C a r d  payments

The relevant information accumulated to process payments is typed onto a word page,
  printed out, and then deleted from the pc. The hard copy is stored in a secure place.
  None of the digits, including dates, are at any time stored on the computer.

If there is some extra data required to process a payment, the email sent will be recognised
  by the client by the Subject matter, as this is not changed during the course of a transaction.


The only time that an email is sent as solicitation is :
   (1) when an item has become available for sale that is on a person's 'wants' file
   (2) new stock has been added to the site that is most probably of interest
                                           to an existing client (based on previous sales).

Attachments * Virus

Any attachments included within a forwarded email has been sent in response to a request of an image
 or sales list, and an appropriate message is included. Do not open any files, etc, that you are unsure of.

Further information on  bogus emails, etc, is set out on the Spam page.

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