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No extortionate charges for postage and packing.
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Efficient service
( usually ! )
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Destiny One Price Structure

Prices set out for merchandise on this site is based on several factors:

1: Overall appearance / condition
2: Sound quality / play back (vinyl records)
3: Scarcity
4: Desirability

Most items are priced on 25+ years knowledge and experience of being in the trade. Although one cannot be 'aware' of every single price that seems to be the 'going rate', especially in the advent of the Internet,  it is hoped that merchandise is priced fairly.  Indeed, if one compares like-for-like*, you should find favour purchasing from this site. It can be assured that if something appears to be greatly over-priced, this should not be the case, as similar** has changed hands elsewhere for more than the asking price on this site!

Taking this into consideration, you will, in most cases, be purchasing a bargain!?  And don't forget that everything is guaranteed. There are no disclaimers such as 'sold as is'!..  more on this subject on the Sales Policy page.

* same issue,  pressing, condition, criteria, etc.
**  as above. In addition, possibly / definitely was not as good as being offered here!

* * * * * * * * * *

Prices can fluctuate, and some items will be adjusted up or down, usually
depending on 'the state of the market', based on:

1: Overall appearance / condition
2: Sound quality / play back (vinyl records)
3: Scarcity
4: Desirability
5: Trend moods/ swings:
       e.g. style of music becomes a 'craze'
              artiste no longer living now has a larger obsessed following

* * * * * * * * * *

Minimum order accepted

The minimum order value+ processed is still 14, assuming payment is now received within the specified time:
on receipt of notification: CARD  within 12 hours; 

CHEQUE accepted on orders 20; 5 days within the UK, 12 days rest of the world.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

+ plus the appropriate postage.

Merchandise is bought in for the purpose of selling at a profit. Taken into consideration is:

1: Time involved / spent in processing the item (grading, playing, etc), time
     spent wrapping an order, and taking to the Post Office has to be taken into
2: Frequently an item has to be re-stocked after it was ordered, packed, 
     but payment was not received.
3: In the unlikely event that the item was 'lost' within the postal system, time
     has to be spent chasing up / submitting a claiming
4: The bank charges per item entry - each cheque paid in @ 95p !
     Additionally, the  c r e d i t  card service has a charge to the merchant.
5: The bank now also charges 6%  to draw money from one's account.

Price comparison dot com

Yes, this site is used for this. But if one is using a site like popsike to compare like-for-like,
before emailing to inform it sells for less elsewhere, one has to take an 'average; thus
compare all on this site against similar.. nothing further to state on this matter....

Sales Policy
  *  or Select 'Back' / 'Return' /  similar.

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