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All the information pertaining to ordering and sending payment is set out within this page.
Any underlining on this page, and the entire site, provides useful and / or extra information!

Note that no 'copies' of any record / publication / anything will be provided, as this is illegal.

Buy With Confidence!


Please read this introduction

£20 PLUS postage costs (guide rates further down the is page) is the minimum payment order that is accepted and processed by card and pp.. Information pertaining to this revised policy is et out here.

Thus, it is most likely that any email received that pertains to a short-fall will
not be replied to. Has been tried and tested to compromise, but in most
instances, has been proved not feasible to enter into any correspondence.

It's on this site

This is the ordering information page. By placing a firm order, it is assumed that terms and conditions are understood.

Thus, if you have any questions pertaining to grading, format of a record that you wish to purchase, or anything else other than the ordering of, please study the readily available information composed within this site prior to placing an order. The Contents page and site's Index page link all !

95% of this web site is up-to-date (files added/ deleted once to four times a week), but please do not send any monies until your requirements are confirmed as being available!  There is a pro-forma Subject title set within the email box on all the stock listings pages. Please do not change this when emailing.  If you have not received a reply within 2 working days°°, please refer to the Help page. Also, if you want information on Copying / Pasting data from the site into an email box, click here.

To ensure a prompt and positive reply, please ensure that you have included the relevant questions within the initial email, particularly in respect to stock availability items.

Unless there is already one provided on the site, there are usually no images available for stock items that are priced £10 and under.

Everything is for sale. No reply to any person requesting a 'copy' of anything on this site.
                                  °° = not weekends or UK Bank Holidays

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Today's Currency Exchange Rates
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The minimum amount now accepted /processed is £20 + postage
with a card or via paypal.

No surcharges * No booking fee * Free parking!

When emailing your order, please state your location (country)
and preferred method of payment, as offered here.
When emailing your order, please state your location (country)
and preferred method of payment, as offered here.

1: Cheque drawn on a UK Bank or Building Society.
Minimum order processed for this is £40.

25 Feb 2011 --> UK Bank announcement

2: Cash in currencies: £ * Euro * USA $  * AU$ * JP¥
The correct exchange rate is settled.
To calculate total, it would be current rate + 12%

Cash to be sent Registered, unless it is a small amount. nb. strictly no coins.                     
 A receipt will be given. * Important: do not send ANY money before correspondence         


3: International Money Order (IMO, Giro Bank Cheque, American Express Cheque.
..all these must be made out in £ Sterling, and be "negotiable within the UK"

C r e d i t  +  D e b i t  C a r d s
4 : C r e d i t   C a r d
5:  D e b i t   C a r d      

                                       Mode of  C a r d  payments now accepted are via:

 a)  Telephone: c a r d  details, name and address. Processed through the office's  c a r d  terminal.
       Contact information here.

 b) PayPal: online secure server. After a 'Total To Pay' email has been sent, the customer will then   
     receive a request for payment via PayPal, confirming the amount as invoiced, to pay Peter Rice. 
     One does not have to be a 'member'  to use this facility. Note that if paying via this service, you
     cannot opt out of UK 'Recorded Delivery' or 'International Signed For' service on low value orders
     as offered further down this page. If you want further information on PayPal's service please ask!
     nb. if you have a pp account, include the registered email account when placing an order.
There are no surcharges  or  'add-on's'  demanded for this method of payment.
Due to pci's strict abnormal regulations, there is no shopping cart on this site.

All payments, including with  a  c a r d,  are conducted in £ Sterling.

To save unnecessary emails bouncing to and fro, please state your location
and preferred method of payment, as offered above, when placing an order.

If you have purchased with a c a r d  on this site, within the past few months only,
your order details should still be on file. Please 'remind' this when placing an order.

Please do not email your  c a r d  details.

Résidants re de la FRANCE ~ PayPal:: 
c'est le seul mode du paiement admis, et dans les 1 jour de conformation.

6: Part-exchange considered any offers of quality original UK origin vinyl
or memorabilia as way of payment. Pre 1974 UK items required -

Plus: you  can reserve items priced @ £75 or more for an agreed period

* * * * * 

Not accepted as means of payment:
 Direct Bank Transfer (unless £500+), Postal Orders, Western Union, Bidpay, and the suchlike. 


Postal Charges        Dispatch        Contact Information

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If ordering a quantity of singles  (i.e. 10+), a discount will be offered.  However, this is not applicable to rarer, highest priced items  if including only 1 or 2 of these in the total number.

Comics, annuals, and magazines: as above.
Records and magazines can be combined for the applicable discount.
Trade / Gum Card discount rates are as offered on the appropriate pages.

If a discount has been calculated within the 'total to pay', email, please respect this offer.
The mode on which one is paying is taken into the % calculation. Thus, it is more
'favourable' to use a Debit Card direct or a Cheque, as opposed to other modes.

Excellent Trade discount rates on sizeable orders. Please forward details of your business and requirements.

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On the receipt of payment for reserved goods, the order is processed, and is usually all done and dusted within three working days. The 'normal' routine for posting is:
Monday am  *  Tuesday or Wednesday 4pm  *  Thursday 4pm

Unknown clients who are purchasing an expensive item by personal cheque will normally have to wait for bank clearance, or in the case of PayPa1, confirmation by them that the funds are guaranteed.. The duration for this is not very long at all, and certainly not anywhere near 30 days as the Distance Selling Regulation rules stipulates as being the time period permitted!

Specific Delivery Dates (UK only): if you require something to be delivered on a specific date, this can normally be arranged. The Special Delivery service will hve be employed to guarantee this. If an order is required for immediate/ same-day dispatch, and a special journey has to be made, there will be a nominal charge of £5 for this service, to cover travelling time and expense.



The information set out regarding this subject is here

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Payments      Discounts Contact     Information


Helpful info. Please read

April 2013

As a general guide, below is the 'usual' charge for Royal Mai's service. It is not the fixed price. Once the complete order is known, the packed goods are weighed and costed out by using Royal Mail's Price Finder facility. Prices stated here do not include any of the Signed services (info for this further down this section).

The Signed For Service is not included within this chart. This is added when deemed necessary. This is £1 for UK residents,. £5 all other places. You are able to approximate the cost yourself here
No 'Shipping' is employed here: just Van and Aeroplane :)
                      UK Air Mail is equivalent to USA's 'Priority'.: standard Air Mail !

1 x 7" Single Record... 
2 x 7" Single Records..
3 x 7" Single Records.
4 x 7" Single records.

1 x LP Record..  
2 x LP Records..
3 x LP Records.
4 x LP Records

78 rpm Record **...

1 x Annual....
2 x Annuals...








£ 4.50
£ 4.50
£ 5.00
£ 5.00

£ 8.50



Paper Goods:
 Sheet Music, Fliers
   (same rate for "2 +)    



£2.50 +


£4.50 +

£ 6.00

£6 +

The three destination rates cover a broad area, so as to give an idea as to costs worldwide. Remember, is a guide only.

The general guide costs quoted do not include any of the "signed for" services. Any orders that have a total value of £50 or more will have to be posted insured. This will be included in the calculated "Total To Pay" email.

The above rates will include "Proof Of Posting" (automatically covers £41), and SECURE packaging. Note that "Jiffy bags", padded envelopes, or those flimsy card envelopes for LP's are not employed!  This is a first class service: nothing is sent out via 2nd Class!

Double albums weigh as 2 LP's. LP's with gatefold sleeves incur a + £1 to Int. orders.
Post Office's rates increase over 1 KG, hence the higher charge for 3+ LPs. See further down for information regarding orders weighing-in at 2+ kilos.

** 78 rpm discs::£1.50 material costs for the secure packaging will be added to the total.
Re non-UK Residents: 5 or more 78's will weigh over 2KG with the packaging, thus would 
have to posted via PARCEL FORCE. Their International rates are now expensive, so to justify costs, please either select 4 discs, or 7+

If ordering several books via the telephone, in most instances these will have to be pulled from stock and weighed prior to the postage cost being quoted.

Unless it is requested otherwise, the International "Signed For" is not employed on low priced orders** (£14 ~ £50), thus £5.25 to £7.50p is saved by the client on postage costs.  A "proof of posting" will be obtained instead. nb. This option is not applicable to any orders when payment is to be made via PayPa1.

**Re residents of ITALY, SPAIN,: RUSSIA ETC: irrespective of value, orders will be dispatched with the Signed For' service only (i.e. none sent Proof of Posting).

Note that whatever the order is for, the minimum charge for p&p is £1.50p.

For your own convenience and reference,
  Royal Mail's Price Finder (Calculator) is available here

To be on the side of caution, allow around 400 grams for the packaging.
(average is usually 250)

Orders are dispatched employing the following available services:


'Proof of Posting' (£39)
'Recorded Delivery'  (£39)
 'Special Delivery'  (£2,500)
'Parcel Compensation' (£500)

Outside the  UK

"International Signed For" to most countries, including
 Canada and the USA (covers £41 only) for an extra £5.00
This is not usually necessary on nominal orders of £14 ~ £45

'Global Priority' (£2000)
'Airsure' on Printed Matter (£500)

Enhanced insurance is now £7.50p. Value allowed depends on destination. 
USA,  Canada, Japan. (£500)

 "International Registered" to Europe (£2,000)~ not available for USA or Canada  
"Parcel Compensation" - International; incl. USA & Canada (£500)

Amount (£) stated in each case is maximum cover permitted by the Post Office.

GLOBAL PRIORITY with the P.O. can insure to Europe, USA, Canada,
and some other countries, and will  insure to the value of £2,000.
But please note that a standard package will cost around £60.

The PARCEL FORCE INTERNATIONAL charges are not cheap. Therefore, if the order placed is for 2 or more items that have a total weight of over 2KG, where possible, the order will be split into two or more packages, and sent via Royal Mail.  The customer will be notified of this on the "Total To Pay" email, including the calculations of both services, so that a comparison can be made.

                                              Additional info for non-UK orders:

If the total order is over 2KG, and the destination is to be outside of the United Kingdom, a price comparison by three different postal companies will be made. This is to make savings for the customer, not the seller. However, please note that if a saving is to be made, but the actual value order is less than £40, a charge of £4 is requested to cover the administration (can take 30 ~ 45 minutes if all the client's data requested is not readily available), and the printing and lamination of the labels.

The AIRSURE service is economical (in comparison to normal charges!) for sending
orders overseas that weigh over 2KG and that need to be insured for up to £500.

Information on the delivery duration period for International orders here.

Postage Summary

There is no charge for 'handling'.
There is no intention to charge excess.
Second Class and Sea Mail** services not employed.
Goods packaged in a manner that is considered sturdy and secure.
The 'Total To Pay' email is the final figure, no add-on's*** for handling or card fees.

** Only exception considered is for a quantity of books destined for outside of the UK.

*** Only exception is if there is a l-o-n-g delay in receiving payment for a firm order.
In this case, a small administration fee for will be added to the balance to pay for admin. 

-  - - - - -  -

It is hoped that all information is clearly laid out and understood?
  If it is as "clear as mud" to you, please email, stating your location (country).

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'By Post'

If your email service is not functioning, or you are using a library or an Internet cafe pc
and do not have your own email address, please write (or phone) in the first instance to:


This Is also the postal address set out for the business, for all correspondence, payments, etc.
It is not the stock room or a walk-in shop. Is secretarial only.

No  s.a.e. or reply coupon is required. Ensure that the enquiry is the minimum amount processed.

Important: please set out your letter / order / wants on one side of one piece of paper only, with your
name and address at the top. Do not send any payment until 'Total To Pay' has been confirmed!
 Please use separated CAPITOL letters if handwriting your address!

nb. please be aware that the  PO Box 218 address was phased out in Oct 2011.


nb the alternative email address is peter_rice  @

 Please avoid automatic deletion:
please do not include ANY background or gimmick images,
and definitely no attachments. No exceptions of the latter.  


10am ~ 7.30pm.

If the answerphone is on, please a message: (1) name, (2) number, (3) your enquiry. 

Calling after 7.30pm (UK time), or at weekends and Bank Holiday times? Then do expect the answerphone to be in operation. If you do wish to leave a message, please read out your telephone number slowly and clearly!

nb. anytime = you might have to leave a message if you have a withheld number, as due to mystery persons who do not identify themselves, pick-up is not guaranteed!

From Europe:  ** 00 44 1392811899

From USA + Canada:  011 44 1392811899

From JAPAN:  010 44 1392811899

If you want to know the International dialling code and time difference, see here!

Note that the Fax mode is only functional by prior request.
Office is always closed Saturday and Sunday and all English Bank Holidays,
so replies to enquires will be outside of these periods.

If you are visiting Devon, there is a long-established Record Fair to visit.

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