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Welcome to technological breakthrough - or is it breakdown?  Some of you would have previously purchased something from myself,  either at the  DESTINY ONE shop in Exeter, Devon, during the 1985 ~ 1994 period, or at a Record or Memorabilia Fair within the U.K & Europe during 1995 ~ 2000 period.

So now, for the time being, the way forward seems to be the internet, but who knows the future?  I did go to the local Clairvoyant for advice, but this was closed "due to unforeseen circumstances"!

                                                           Added 1st August: 2008
It was hoped that today would be the announcement of the opening of a shop in Exeter. However, due to professional advice taken on board regarding the commitment of signing a Full Repairing Lease agreement, in particular with an 'old' building, this is not to be happening.  Oh well, back to the drawing keyboard!

It can be quite time consuming  to type out listings with one's index fingers, but I (not "we"), will  endeavour to keep this web site interesting by adding or updating a page or two every week. There are now quite a few pages on this web site covering a broad spectrum, so adding new items to a page that is of interest to yourself may sometimes take a while to get around to accomplishing! This site is uploaded at least once a week, with each page individually dated of it's most recent revision. Note that there are many 1950's ~ 80's albums in stock that as yet are not listed. Specific wants are welcome!

Instead of the usual dynamic gimmicks  one encounters when visiting many of the sites that are on the internet, thus waiting 2 minutes plus for the home page etc to appear on one's screen, then finding not-a-lot else, you should be able find on this site something to purchase, or at  the least, be somewhat informative!  This web site is compiled employing Front Page facilities, viewed with a 19" screen, and using Netscape's  browser.  The end result is fine with myself, but as strange things can occur, due to the characteristics within one's PC and user's navigation provider, it would be appreciated if one can email if any difficulties are encountered your end. Every attempt has been made to ensure that this site is user friendly within it's scope.

GALLERY:  These will be found on pages that include a small block (collage) image. Click onto the picture,  which in turn will open a new Navigator window,  and display an array of delight!   Download times for these will take a little while,  but you will be able to peruse the text pages of this web site while this is going on.  Also, now featured within selected listings, will be found an icon . Clicking onto this will reveal the true image of the said item for sale. "Back", "return", or similar will take one to the page currently being read.  However, if one right clicks on the logo and selects 'Open link in new window' (or similar), then there is no need to reload/ return to the listings!   Please be aware that all images shown are taken from the actual product on offer, so therefore each image is my own copyright. None are to be used on any other web site, printed publication, etc, without permission ~ Hotlinkers take heed. "Copies" of any record or ephemera listed will not be supplied.  Everything, with the exception of anything on a 'museum' page, is for sale!

Certainly the objective here is to sell, but also it is most probably one of only a few sites  that does provide enough helpful information,  thus assisting prospective clients to understand more clearly what is exactly on offer, for sale.  There is always room for improvement, so If you have a significantly interesting self-penned article that is relevant to any of the categories listed, please submit for consideration. Any independent editorial used will be credited to the author, who will receive a fixed monetary credit to squander on any merchandise listed within this web site!

This site is continually maintained, with upload being one to four times a week to update any changed pages: sold items deleted / new additions. The date at the top of any page indicates the most recent change to that particular page, and not the entire site.

Unless otherwise stated,  all merchandise for sale is believed to be of original issue ~ first printing, and is Made In England.  Everything is guaranteed in the condition as stated. There are several options of payment made available. Orders are processed post haste. It is advised that you peruse the Ordering page prior to selecting any items for purchase. 

On a personal note, I would be interested to receive correspondence from any persons who attended Ladysmith School, Exeter, 1960~1967, & King Edward Comprehensive, Totnes 1967~1970.

Okay, so if you are feeling in near mint condition, without further ado...

 © 1985 ~ 2008 Peter Rice  Destiny One