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..nothing to report @ 26th August 2009
If you are looking for a host server for your website, I can recommend the one I employ!

...nothing to report @ 29th October 2008
...since the rectifying of the problems that arose in April, it does appear everything is working fine....!

Inconsistencies (again!) @ 24th April 2008
Not being a professional computer programmer or understanding half of the jargon, it is somewhat time consuming (leading to 'draining') to stay vigilant on the proceedings. Persons 'Hotlinking' images, thus leading to excessive use of Bandwidth does not help. However, I deemed that if a blog is receiving several thousand hits, it can be to my advantage, as I can change the image stolen to advertise this site --> see example at the foot of this page!  Yes, there are ways to prevent this, but setting one thing in motion leads to changes in features and availability elsewhere. But I diverse...

The process of changing HTML tags within this site to suit more Browsers will, for a while, cause some pages to appear inconsistent - but still legible. This is because of the experimentations.

Inconsistencies @ 10th April 2008
Apologies to Internet Explorer viewers who might have found the Gerry Anderson Trade Cards page somewhat incoherent. FrontPage changed many of the html tags to nonsensical !. Had to re-write them manually. If you encounter similar on any of the pages, please
email so that it can be corrected immediately.

Site improvements @ 17th March 2008

Information pages are now in Arial font, and have been 'tidied up' ! 

Minimum Order   @ 20th February 2008
Bank has just informed of an increased charge (again) for paying-in each cheque. Therefore the Minimum Order as stipulated on the Ordering page is 'Strictly Rule' !

Email address  @ 1st January 2008

Have been with ntl since 1999. However, Virgin takeover now forces all ntl to shut down by March 2008. Therefore, a new email address will be employed soon. Don't panic though! If you are using one of the email addresses, these will still be valid. 

Site's function @ September 2006
The new server employed as from May has been running efficiently and consistently!
Royal Mail's new price band has not increased the cost of posting Records.

Site changes @ March 2006
Current server cannot provide suitable service. Problems have occurred since the company changed names (and new owners?).
Therefore, there will be some changes as soon as can be implemented. Hopefully, this will also improve the site's accessibility, etc.

Site changes @ March 2006
The  broken links within this site have been rectified, including deleting some that lead to elsewhere on the web that was deemed as useful, but are no longer valid! It has been decided not to add any more external links, as many sites on the Internet appear not to update for extensive periods - if at all!

P&P Charges @ March 2006
For the past 20 years, actual Royal Mail charges have been requested only for postage. However, in many instances, the calculation for this has been 'under' rather than 'actual' or over. From now on there will be 'P&P' charge, rather than a 'Postage' charge. Built into this will be minimal charge, that will be no more than 2. This is for assessment of time involved in wrapping and packing, and cost of materials employed. 

Reserving items @ January 2006
As from now, one or more items can be reserved, and paid for in installments. Assuming full payment is received by the agreed date, there is no extra charge for this service. This offer to be agreed and set prior to a 'Total to Pay' email is sent. For full details, please visit the Reservations page.

Yes, Hotlinking is a crime.

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