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Singles ~ section 2 (specific artists)        LPs section 1****   LPs section 2 (specific artists)
Records ~  entertainment-***   Records ~ classical + spoken word**      Music Memorabilia
Television + Juvenilia Memorabilia****   Comics + Annuals****   Ongoing Projects (non-retail)

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Records For Sale

  section 1

Male Vocal 1954 ~ 1964
A  to  Z
Popular * R 'n' Roll * Evergreen

Male Vocal 1964 ~ 1978
A  to  Z
Popular ~ Ballad ~ Folk
Male Vocal 1960's ~ 70's
Bee Gees * Everlys * 4 Seasons
Pitney * Proby * Ryan * Paul Simon
Groups 1963 ~ 1976
A  to  Z:  expanded Jan 2006
Rock * Pop * Psych * etc
 Rock ~ Pop ~ Beat  1960's
Animals  *  Kinks * Monkees
Small Faces *  Troggs *  Who * Yardbirds
Female Vocal 1954 ~ 1976
A  to  Z
Bassey * Cher * Pet, Kirby * Dusty * etc
Glam, etc.  1970's
BCR *  Cassidy * Osmonds *  Slade
Sweet  * Elton John * Essex * Stewart
Rock  1970's
Deep Purple *  Hawkwind 
Edmunds *  Status Quo * Lizzy  ~ G.Moore
Women in Rock
1960's / 70's groups with female lead vocal
Tamla Motown Label
A  to  Z
actually.  Banks to Wonder !
Soul  1960's
A  to  Z   *   +  labels:  
Atlantic  *  Direction  *   Stax  *  Sue  
Disco + Soul  1970's
A  to  Z  *  + James Brown,
Jay Boy *  Philadelphia, 20th Century * etc
'London' Label
A  to  Z: 1954 ~ 1974
A   to  Z: 1950's ~ 60's ~ 70's
78 rpm
UK issues...A to Z: all genre
1950's, 60's 70's on hard disc
1950's ~ 60's ~ 70's on flexi disc
Campaigns ~ Announcements
1950's ~ 60's ~ 70's

Singles 2
Records For Sale

 section 2 Specific Artists
(including combined format listings EPs + LPs)

Groups ~ Male Vocal: EP's
1950's ~ 60's + reissues
Instrumental: EP's
1950's ~ 60's
Soul * Motown * R&B's: EP's
1950's ~ 60's
Female Vocal: EP's
1950's ~ 60's EPs
Continental Female Vocal: EP's
1950's ~ 60's Singles + EPs
Diana Ross ~ Supremes
Singles + LP's (* 12" singles various) 
... Reggae
+ Ska * Calypso * Steel Band * African
Country & Western
Singles * EP's
The Beatles ~ group
Singles  *  EP's
Beatles: solo ~ Apple ~ etc
Singles * EP's * LP's
Rolling Stones
Singles * EP's 
Beach Boys + Surf
Singles *  EP's *  LP's
Joe Meek ~ RGM Productions
Singles * EP's * LP's
Singles * EP's * LP's
Singles  *  EPs *  LP's
------ Dusty Springfield
Singles  *  EPs *  LP's
Walker Brothers
Singles *  EP's * LPs
-Jimi Hendrix
Singles  *  LP's
Marc Bolan
Singles *  LP's *  Picture Discs
David Bowie
Singles  *   LP's
Bob Dylan
Singles * LP's *  Publications
Elvis Presley
Singles * EP's
Cliff Richard
Singles *  EP's *  Picture Discs * etc
The Shadows
Singles *  EP's *  LP's
Billy Fury
Singles * EP's * LP's  + more !
Reel to Reel Tapes
Jazz *  Easy *  Popular *  etc
Picture Discs + Colour Vinyl
7"  *  Shape *  12"  Singles *   LP's
 Spare Covers ~ Records
Available on an Exchange basis

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n.b. in nearly all instances, vinyl graded VG or above within this site will appear to be near mint condition in normal light conditions.

Records For Sale

If you wish to know the track listing of a particular album in stock, please email.

 section 1

Male Vocal LP's
A ~ Z: Darin, Faith, Proby, F. Vaughan, etc
Folk / Singer ~ Songwriter
A ~ Z  (4 pages)
 'London' Label (4 pages)
50's ~ 60's Rock 'N' Roll; Country; Doo Wop, etc
Rock 'N' Roll
Plenty of jive from five pounds
  Country & Western
1950's, 60's 70's Albums
Female Vocal
Dusty, ONJ, Ripperton, B. Lee, Shaw, etc.
 Soul + Disco
  1970 on
Tamla Motown
Good selection
--   Blues ~ R&B
  incl. Blues-Rock, Gospel,  Blue Horizon
 Christianity/ Religion new
  Evensong, Requiem, Seasonal Celebration,
The Immediate Label
Small Faces
The Dawn Label 
Jazz, Folk, Prog 1970 ~ 1975 LP's
The Vertigo Label 
Collectible prog 1969 ~ 1973 & beyond
,     Various Artists Albums
1960 ~1970 Popular, Beat, Psychedelia
     Various Artists Albums
60's ~ 70's Rock , Progressive, etc.
Roger Dean: LP Cover Designs
1968 ~ 1980 Albums  +  YES Section
,       British Pop ~ Beat  LP's
Origi.1960's issues: A ~ Z ..currently 3 pgs
        Rock, Prog, Psych LP's  A ~ Z
1966 ~ 1978 
Pop, Rock, Prog, Psych: Reissues
Later pressings of  60's / 70's music
  Women In Rock LP's
Auger, If
Indian Music
LP's heavy on the Sitar
Soundtrack Albums
50's ~ 80's Rock, Pop, Jazz

Currently: Barron Knights + Bonzo Dog Band
.   Other Deutsch Rock
Amon Duul II, Jane, Kraftwerk, etc
  Nederpop ~ Dutchbeat
1960's ~70's music from the Netherlands
  Spare Covers ~ Records
Available on an Exchange basis
10" LP's
  1950's ;  Popular, Scottish, French, etc.
10" Jazz LP's
  British + American
 Female Jazz Vocal
Carr, Fitzgerald, Garland, P. Lee, O'Day, etc.
UK Jazz Artistes ~ Trad / Skiffle
Singles *  EP's *  LP's
British Jazz Artistes
LPs: Modern, Free Form, etc
American Jazz Artistes

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 section 2: Specific Artists

Elvis Presley LP's
Most UK issues in stock !
Cliff Richard
.The Shadows
LP's, etc
--Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra
LP's ~ 90% of  the UK catalogue
Jack Jones new !
All on his own,  the majority are Mint -
Buddy Greco new !
LP's, the majority are Mint -
Sammy Davis Jnr
Tony Bennett new !
A good selection
The Beatles
6 pages
Beach Boys
2 pages ~ incl. pressing identifications
Rolling Stones
Group + Solo
Pink Floyd
Take a trip to this page
      Led Zeppelin
No hype
Pretty Things
Standard issue + Library 
John Mayall
also 7" included
 Cream ~ Yardbirds 
Group + solo, incl. Eric Clapton
 The Who   
LP's: group + solo  
Bee Gees
  search - find - LPs
  Deep Purple
Jon Lord, Rainbow, Trapeze, etc.
LP's, etc.
Elton John
  Music & Memorabilia
King Crimson ~ ELP ~ Roxy Music
Fripp, Ferry, Eno, Synthesizers 
  The UK's space rock
  .The Hollies
Van Der Graaf ~ Peter Hammill
Soft Machine
Incl. Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers
LP's, incl. Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay
LP's, incl. Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage
Tangerine Dream
  .Rory Gallagher
Frank Zappa ~ Mothers
Doo-wap to the deranged !
Music Library
  funky breaks + other spam-keywords LPs

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Records For Sale

Stage ~ Screen ~ Scream ~ Doom ~ Womb

Television Themes
Singles *  EP's *  LP's : 1950's on
Space Themes
Star Trek  *  Star Wars
Cowboy ~ Western Themes
Singles *  EP's *  LP's : Film + TV
Personality: Film, TV, Radio
Singles * EP's 
Sound Effects + Horror
BBC Records *  Moosic Library *  Soundtrack
John Barry ~ James Bond
Singles  *  EP's * JB 1933~2011
7 pages of Recordings
  Juvenile Discs   
BBC * H. Barbera *  Disney *  Spoken word
Stage Productions
Singles  *  EP's
  Stage Productions
  Film Scores + associated
Singles  *  EP's

Records For Sale


British LP's 1950's on  

Spoken word:  Historical, Poetry, etc


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Memorabilia For Sale

Music Related

Pop Magazines 1950's ~ early 60's
pre Beat era
Pop Magazines 1963 ~ 1969
Pop Weekly, Beat Instrumental, etc
Pop Magazines 1970 ~ 1979
Rock * Teeny Bop * Glam  + Music Papers
Underground Publications
IT * Frendz * OZ * Rolling Stone * etc
         Concert Memorabilia  1 
1950's ~ 60's Concert Tour Programmes 
Music Papers 1960's
Disc * Fabulous * Record Mirror * etc
.Cliff ~ Shadows
Programmes * Mags * Sheet Music
Concert Memorabilia 2
1970's Tour Programmes *  Contracts 
Pop Memorabilia: 1960's
Ephemera, Souveniers, etc
.Billy Fury
Everything Billy, including vinyl
Concert Memorabilia 3
Original  Concert Posters,  Fliers, etc
.Beatles Memorabilia
Books * Sheet Music * Souveniers * etc
Elvis Presley
Magazines * Annuals * etc
      Concert Memorabilia 4
Tickets : 1950's on
  Rolling Stones
Magazines*  Concert items *  Gum Cards
Pop Annuals 1950's ~ 1960's
Teenbeat * Valentine *  208 *  etc
      Concert Memorabilia  5
Tour Crew T-Shirts
  David Bowie
Magazines*  Concert items *  Shop Displays
Books on Devon Pop Groups
50's / 60's local bands in Exeter, etc
Record Promotions: 1950's ~ early 60's
Record company solicitation. Posters, Flyers, etc
Tamla Motown
Tour Programmes  *   Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Female vocalists, incl. groups
Record Promotions: 1960's ~ 1970's
Record company solicitation: Posters, Flyers, etc
Cinema Promotion
Pop artistes in the movies ~ Posters, etc
Sheet Music
Male: artistes ~  groups + instrumentals
Rock Promotion: 1970's
Badges, stickers
Film Magazines 1950's ~  60's
 Some include Pop Stars
Trade Cards
Pre 1980 Rock and Pop
1960's Pop Postcards + Photo cards
Includes Record Company promos + Signed
Autographed Cards
 1950's + 60's Music Artistes
Vinyl Record Holders
Vinyl folders for vinyl discs!
Michael Jackson Memorabilia Vintage Hi-Fi Equipment

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Memorabilia For Sale
Radio * Television * Cult Movie * Science Fiction

Comedy Ephemera
Programmes  *  Magazines *  etc
Radio 1, 208, Offshore, Pirate
.   Theatre
1960's Magazines, Programmes
-Television Scripts
 60's + 70's: ATV, ITC, etc.
Television Memorabilia
1960s Cinema Posters

-Television Memorabilia
1960s TV Related Annuals

Walt Disney
Vintage Books, Toys, Memorabilia    
Doctor Who
Downloaded direct from planet Skaro

Cowboy Westerns Film + TV
Annuals only at present

Archie Andrews
The Peter Brough archive
   Gerry Anderson
XL5, Thunderbirds, Joe 90,  UFO, etc

James Bond
Magazines *  Toys *  Promotion

Silence ~ it's a puppet !
Rupert The Bear
Toys, Records, etc.
Film Annuals
100+ spanning the 1930's ~1970's
Pre 1970 Toys, etc
Ken Dodd and The Diddymen
Not too long a show page...
Batman, Superman 
   Dennis Waterman
Could be good for you?
- Brigitte Bardot  new
Definitely good for you
Model Kits
Sci-Fi, TV Related, Horror
Trade Cards
Gerry / Sylvia Anderson Productions
Sheet Music
TV  *  Stage * Film  *  Juvenile
Trade Cards
Cult TV, J. Bond, Cartoon, Space +


Cult TV ; 1950's on
Action, Agents, Cops, Juvenile
Original Comic Artwork
1960s / 70s TV Related
- - - -
Original Comic Artwork
for the under 10s?

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Other Toys For Sale

Die Cast Toys
TV * Film *  Science  Fiction * Novelty *  Commercial * Other
Matchbox MOY 

Comics + Annuals

British Comics 1
TV related: Countdown, TV21, etc
Boy's Annuals
Lion * Tiger * Rover * Valiant * etc
Rupert The Bear
1930's ~ 1980's Books
   British Comics 2
Cartoon:  Beano, Sparky, Disney, etc  
Children's Annuals
DC. Thompson:  Beano , Beezer, Topper, etc
MAD Comic
British edition - on the Comics 2 page
   British Comics 3
Boys Adventure:  Lion, Rover, etc.
Children's Annuals
TV & Film:  Hanna Barbera, Disney..
Batman, Superman 
Eagle Comics, Annuals, Dan Dare
Children's Annuals
Silly cartoon: COR!, WHIZZER & CHIPS, etc
   Juvenile Discs (as above)
BBC TV, Disney, Barbera, Story time
-- Children's Annuals  
Bobby Bears, Chicks' Own, Comicolour, etc
--Television Memorabilia
1960s TV Related Annuals

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Ongoing projects
Relax ~ no  money wanted!

 TV's Favourite

..RA RECORDS ~ Faraway Folk    
Devon music output

EXETER Nostalgia
Extinct record outlets,
old bags
concert venues, etc !

Information * Services

Record Cleaning  *  Valuations
      Covers ~ Accessories  * Original Sleeves      

Devon Record ~ CD ~ Memorabilia Fairs
Exeter  *  Plymouth

This section same as top of this page

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