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 Rock, etc :  1967 ~ 1978

This page comprises of "various artists" vinyl albums, long playing records that, music-wise, consist of rock, progressive,  jazz-rock, and the suchlike.  These albums provide an constructive insight to the changes in music styles and trends of the time. Obviously not all compilations are 100%  of one genre, so there will be some middle-of-the-road pop, etc, included on some issues.. The exception to the rule is the inclusion of any that are unusual, either being a promotional item, or including an item not usually found with the standard issue.  

Now also listed are  1960's compilations that consist of beat, pop and psychedelia, and Rock & Pop Soundtracks.
Finally, a reminder that there are already Various Artists categories within the Rolling Stones LP's
(1962 ~ 1965), Blues, Folk , and Soul pages.


All these records have been inspected thoroughly. uniform grade is Sleeve / Vinyl.
Nearly all on this page have been professionally cleaned, with the discs then housed
in new poly-lined inners. The original inner sleeves are placed back inside the jacket.
Please note that if any sleeves have the original retail price sticker included,
 these are as issued, and not adhered at a later date to cover up any rips, etc!

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In no particular order, apart from year date.

SELECT ELEKTRA ~ Elektra 1968

  Side 1  Doors "Fire", Love "Colours", Tom Paxton, Cosmic Sounds "Aries", Incredible String Band, Tim Buckley "M. Glory"
Side 2  Clear Light, Judy Collins, Tom Rush, Butterfield Blues Band, Earth Opera

Sleeve laminated front and back. Red smooth label with Elektra logo in black.
EUKS 7261 Stereo ~ issued the same time as "GOOD TIME MUSIC".

One example in stock:
Sleeve min. VG+ (light crease top left & right sides). *  Record EX+,  plays EX (min) SelectElektraLPb.jpg (40312 bytes)  @ £34


Moby Grape, Spirit, Zombies, Taj Mahal, Tim Rose, Elemer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Byrds, Bob Dylan, etc

One example in stock: includes a 12" x 12" double-sided (promo?) insert:
  Stereo: Sleeve NM *  Insert VG+ *  Record EX- (plays mainly NM)  @ £28



Blood Sweat & Tears, Laura Nyro, Mike Bloomfield, Byrds, Grace Slick And The Great Society, Leonard Cohen, etc

One example in stock:
  Sleeve NM *  Record VG+ (plays VG+ to EX)  @ £12  larger image on file


Side 1: Herbie & The Royalists, Sounds Of John Leslie, Blackbirds, Brunning Sunflower Blues Band,
                 Magic Mixture, Hein & Oss Kroher, New World, Good earth
Side 2: Dave Travis, Five Day Week Straw People, Sounds Of John Leslie, Family Affair,
                Bing And The Birds, Good Earth, Tom & Smiley, David Moses & Group

Few "duff" tracks here, but 'beggars can't be choosers'.. apparently?...  Saga and family (Fidelity, Summit, etc) on the whole do seem to end up having dirty and bent covers. Saga was one of those cheapo record labels. Conclusion: persons who purchased these records were not the meticulous type, therefore the records did not stand a chance?!  Actually, this sleeve and record on offer here has not suffered any abuse or neglect. Reason? Acquired from a vicar's daughter who bought this for the John Leslie tracks "Scotland A'GoGo" & "Ireland A'GoGo", (these are definitely a 'no-no'!), and was spun on her yuppy hi-fidelity system only on Bank Holidays when her father went on one of his Guinness binges in Dublin.. allegedly

This cover is, in my opinion (as if that counts for anything), one of the most attractive designs ever produced for a record sleeve. So much so, that I have one mounted, framed & glazed SwingingSagaLP_Frameda.jpg (37724 bytes)

The interest here is obviously the Blackbirds, Bob Brunning, Magic Mixture, Five Day Week, and for Ray Dorset / Mungo Jerry fans, the Good Earth. This title  is Stereo. I have never found a Mono pressing.  Included here, also in nice condition,  is the SAGA inner sleeve.
      Sleeve : VG+ (short creases on the 3 fold edges). Back is "fresh". *  Record:  EX+,  plays EX to NM SwingingSagaLPB.jpg (44833 bytes)  @ £18

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THE HOUSE THAT TRACK BUILT ~ Track records 1969

 Who = Magic Bus + Young Man Blues + Quick One While He's Away, Jimi Hendrix Experience x 2, Sand Pebbles, 
     Precisions, Thunderclap Newman, John's Children, Arthur Brown x 2, Parliaments, Fairport Convention

This is the scarcest of the compilations put out by Track records. Sleeve is laminated inside and out.


YOU CAN ALL JOIN IN ~ Island 1969

Side 1:  Jethro Tull "A Song For Jeffrey", Spooky Tooth, Free, Art "What's That Sound", Tramline, Traffic "You Can All ..."
Side 2:  Fairport Convention, Nirvana "Rainbow Chaser",  John Martyn, Clouds, S. Davis Group, Wynder K. Frog

Has a collective photograph of the musicians on the front? 

One example stock: First pressing having the black and orange logo. Textured labels.

  Sleeve VG+  (original owner's name written back bottom right corner "Philip Beard 5 /69").
      Record  EX (intro s1 plays VG, o/w plays VG+ to EX) YouCanAllJoinInLP_small.jpg (43214 bytes)  @ £18

BUMPERS ~ Island 1969

Record 1: Side 1 Traffic, Bronco, Spooky Tooth, Quintessence
                  Side 2: Mott The Hoople, Jethro Tull, Jimmy Cliff, Blodwyn Pig, Dave Mason
Record 2: Side 1 Go Out And get It, King Crimson, If, Free, Nick Drake
                  Side 2 Fairport Convention, Cat Stevens, Renaissance, Fotheringay, Clouds

Pink Island labels, with white i logo. This was the only label design employed for this release. This album was released Spring 1970. All are selected album tracks, as opposed to released singles. Bronco, Jimmy Cliff, Nick Drake, Clouds sleeve credits within the gatefold include reference to their respective albums being released in Autumn 1970.  Class acts assembled here, shame, the front cover design is not in keeping. Original illustrated Bumpers"29/11 DOUBLE ALBUM" retail price sticker top right is EX+

One  in stock:
  Sleeve : VG+  (no creasing or damage). Original owner's name written inside bottom right corner "Philip Beard 6 /70".
  Records; disc 1EX+,  s2 trks 1+2 play VG+, rest NM  *  disc 2 NM, plays VG+ to EX+ BumpersLPb.jpg (37208 bytes)  @ £25

FLYING HIGH ~ Atlantic 1969

Side 1: Sam & Dave, Buffalo Springfield, Joe Tex, Booker T. & The MG's, Young Rascals, Wilson Pickett
Side 2: Aretha Franklin, Billy Vera & Judy Clay, Sweet Inspirations, Otis Redding, Clarence Carter, Led Zeppelin

The first of Atlantic's compilation album's to include "heavier" acts; Buffalo Springfield with "Rock 'n' Roll Woman, and Led Zeppelin's "You Shook Me" . This LP  was in conjunction with JAPAN AIR LINES.  The sleeve (same on reverse) depicts 
 the JAL logo, along with a DC 8 - 61. This class aircraft was in service with this company during 1961 ~ 1970.

One  in stock:
  Sleeve : EX- * Record: looks VG+ ; plays crackly  on most tracks, although
                               "You Shook Me" @ 6.30 mins. does play EX+ flyinghighlp.jpg (31027 bytes)  @ £14 

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MARMALADE 100 PROOF ~ Marmalade 1969

Side 1: Julie Driscoll "Let The Sunshine In", Blossom Toes "Kiss Of Confusion", Gordon Jackson "The Journey",
                 Ottilie Patterson "Bitterness Of Death, Chris Barber "Battersea Rain Dance"
Side 2:  Brian Auger & The Trinity "Tropic Of Capricorn", John McLaughlin "Pete The Poet",
                 Julie Driscoll "A Word About Colour", Le Lievre (The Hare) "Dis-Toi-Bien, 
                 Graham Gouldman "The Late Mr. Late", Kevin Godley "To Fly Away" ( both tracks are by Graham & Kevin)

Great tracks, most being extracted from albums that are now virtually impossible to find! Featured on another of Polydor's subsidiary labels, Marmalade. Fifteen albums were issued with a then very "in" stylish logo, although two of these are STREETNOISE repressed as Parts 1 + 2, so technically thirteen LP's is the order of the day!

Julie Driscoll was one of the grooviest chicks in the sixties, who come to the fore when she teamed up with Brian Auger, and "Let The Sunshine In" makes this album worth purchasing just for this number, especially if the STREETNOISE album eludes you!  So having this Gordon Jackson track, who is accompanied by Traffic, with the sitar being one of the primary instruments, is just a bonus! 

 However, what does make this compilation a very collectible artifact are the two Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley tracks. These songs are unique to this LP, with only "To Fly Away" being later re-recorded by them under one of their fleeting projects- HOTLEGS.  By the way, personally I do not have any knowledge on Le Lievre, apart from what is stated on the sleeve.

One example in stock:
1) Sleeve VG ( of flimsy card; has obvious signs of handling, but is not bent, damaged, defaced)
      Record VG+ , side 1 plays EX,  side 2 VG+ to EX ( final track "To Fly Away" plays VG) 100ProofLPb.jpg (22629 bytes)  @ £19

The Immediate Label

Five different 'various artists' albums from 1969 in stock:
These are listed on the Immediate ~ Small Faces page

SUPERGROUPS VOL.   2 ~ Polydor 1970

Gass "Black Velvet", Ashton Gardner & Dyke Savage Rose "Rolling Home", Jack Bruce "Never Tell Your Mother...",
Area Code 615 "Nashville 9...", Tony Williams Lifetime "A Famous Blues", John Mayall "Saw Mill...", Ginger Baker "Doin' It,
Ten Wheel Drive "Polar Bear Rug", Cat Mother etc "Been All Around The World", Taste, "Savage Rose "The Castle",

One example in stock:
  Sleeve VG * Record EX+, plays NM   @ £10  image on file

POP SOUND 70 ~ Polydor 1970 (Germany only)

Who "Tommy Can You Hear Me?", Ten Wheel Drive "Polar Bear Rug", Cat Mother etc "Can You Dance To It?", 
Fat Mattress "Magic Forest", John Mayall "Saw Mill Gulch Road", Euphoria "What A Day", Taste "Eat My Words",
Ashton Gardner & Dyke "Nashville 9 - New York 1",  Jack Bruce "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune", 
Area Code 615 "Rolling Home", Savage Rose "Life's Other Side", Golden Earring "One Huge Road"

This album was issued on ORANGE VINYL, with illustrated labels = as the front cover. The laminated cover has the same image as "SUPERGROUPS VOL. 2" (see above), but front and back are visa versa. Some tracks different to that of the aforementioned. Additionally, this issue has a gatefold sleeve. This illustrates ten of the applicable artist's albums, along with brief information, both in German and English.

One example in stock:
  Sleeve EX- *  Record M -  (plays EX to mainly NM, with the exception
                  of that dreadful song by John Mayall= plays VG-) PopSoundLP.jpg (20254 bytes) @ £20 (Larger image on file)


Side 1: Blood Sweat & Tears, Spirit, John Kay, Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper, Don Ellis
Side 2: Electric Flag, Chambers Brothers, Al Kooper, Moby Grape, John Simon

Laminated die-cut sleeve reveals the MULTI COLOURED VINYL, and the photo label (Mike Bloomfield?).

One example in stock:
  Sleeve VG- (front split at bottom as indicated on photograph. Left corner crease, evident on reverse).
  Record NM  (plays VG+ to mainly EX+) PopRevolutionLP_smaller.jpg (11636 bytes)  @ £20

UNDERGROUND '70 ~ CBS 1970 (Germany only)

Side 1: Chicago Transit Authority, Flock, Al Kooper, Chambers Brothers,   Apaloosa, NRBQ
Side 2: Don Ellis band, Pacific Gas And Electric, Spirit, Jacobs Creek, Moby Grape, Illunois Speed Press, Aorta

Subtitled "THE SOUND OF THE SEVENTIES", this album is on PURPLE VINYL. Photo (who?) labels. Fully laminate sleeve depicts  photographs of 8 of the bands.. 

One example in stock: Sleeve EX- * Record  VG+ (plays varying; VG to EX Underground70LP_smaller.jpg (43168 bytes)  @ £18

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no image

BACKTRACK 3 ~ Track 1970

Side one: WHO

One example in stock: Stereo 207 003 : Sleeve VG * Record EX+ (plays EX+) @ £14

HITS ARE HERE TO STAY ~ Polydor 1970 (Germany only)

Box Tops, Bee Gees, Move, Procol Harum, Lovin' Spoonful, Cream, Lemon Pipers, Who, James Brown, Trinity,
       Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Brown, Crazy elephant, Ohio Express, etc = full track listing = HitsAreHereToStayLP_back.jpg (34546 bytes)

Double album consisting of chart hits spanning 1965 ~ 1969.

One example in stock: Sleeve VG+ *  Record  @ £15  Detailed image available via email


Side 1: Steppenwolf "Snow Blind Friend", Freedom "Nobody",  Three Dog Night "Rock And Roll Widow 
                       B. B. King "You're Still My Woman, James Gang "Ashes The Rain And I", Bush "Got To Leave The City",
Side 2:  B. B. King "Ask No Questions", Bush, Freedom, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, James Gang

Pink Probe label.

One example in stock: Sleeve EX *  Record EX  @ £10

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WOWIE ZOWIE ! ~ Decca 1970

Side 1: Touch " Down At The Circles Place", John Mayall "Where Do I Belong", Savoy Brown "Train To Nowhere",
                        Johnny Almond "Voodoo Forest", East Of Eden "Communion"
Side 2:  Genesis "In The Beginning", Moody Blues "Nights In White Satin", Keef Hartley Band "Not Foolish - Not Wise"
                       William R. Strickland "Computer Lover", John Cameron Quartet "Go Away Come - Back Another Day"


 Two examples in stock:
  1) Sleeve VG-  *  Record VG (plays VG+) £4
  2) Sleeve VG * Record VG+ (plays EX to NM) £8

THE AGE OF ATLANTIC ~ Atlantic 1970

Up to neck

Side 1: Delaney & Bonnie, MC5, Allman Brothers, Yes, Cold Blood, Led Zeppelin. 
Side 2: Iron Butterfly, Dada, Led Zeppelin, Dr. John, Vanilla Fudge, Buffalo Springfield.

Success came with most record company's label conception when projecting a way forward, and/ or finding a new direction in music. Yes, Decca's Deram label was sporadic, but that's another issue!  Atlantic's pinnacle of rock was 1968 ~ 1970, and this album is a prime example of the label's output during this period, thus stands out as an album in it's own right. Having an appealing designed gatefold sleeve, and was marketed at a budget price via Atlantic's Record Club mail order, plus available in all good record shops, it did sell by the bucket load!

Three examples  in stock:
 1) Sleeve VG *  Record   G+ (no deep gouges), plays: s1 intro VG+, rest min. EX+   @ £6
 2)Sleeve EX- (has small writing inside corner of g/f) *  Record VG (plays VG+ to EX) @ £8
 3) Sleeve VG+ *   Record VG+, plays EX to NM   ageofatlanticlp.jpg (38430 bytes)  @ £12


Record 1: Side 1 Colosseum, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Campbell, May Blitz,
                  Side 2  Juicy Lucy, Fairfield Parlour, Magna Carta, Affinity
Record 2: Side 1 Black Sabbath, Gracious, Cressida, Nucleus
                  Side 2 Manfred Mann Chapter Three, Bob Downes, Dr Strangely Strange, Uriah Heep

Lesser tracks on each side, but playing durations are 20+ minutes.

The only compilation issued having the Vertigo swirl design labels. An excellent introduction into this label's concept.
 Further information, along with more of similar is listed on the Vertigo page. 

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PICNIC a breathe of fresh air ~ Harvest 1970

Record 1: Side 1 Deep Purple, Barclay James Harvest, Pink Floyd "Embryo", Battered Ornaments, Shirley & Dolly Collins
                  Side 2  Pretty Things, Roy Harper, Bakerloo, Kevin Ayres, Greatest Show On Earth
Record 2: Side 1 Third Ear band, Syd Barrett "Terrapin", Forest, Peter Brown And Piblokto!, Panama Limited
                  Side 2 Quatermass, Michael Chapman, Tea & Symphony, Edgar Broughton

Wow! The who's who of Harvest! All tracks are taken from the artist's respective albums, with the exception of Floyd's "Embryo". This was originally intended for the 1969 LP "Ummagumma" , but the Floyd decided it was not suitable. It ended up on this compilation the following year with thanks to uninformed EMI employees. Many years later, this version of "Embryo" was included on a Pink Floyd compilation called "The Works", issued in America and Japan. So here is a unique UK LP  for the Pink Floyd collector. It has not been available from EMI's catalogue since 1972.

One set in stock:
EMI's pressing statistics for these discs are: 
     Record 1 : ending matrix # 2 / 1;  stampers AP1 / AP1   **  Record 2:  ending matrix # 1 / 1;  stampers AA2 / AR1

This set includes EMI's Harvest inner sleeves (there was only ever one design in this format),  employed at this period. These illustrate some of the then current Harvest album catalogue: an example of one or more issues from  the artists that appear on Picnic, with the exception of no Pretty Things shown, and a Love album  illustrated, who are not included here.

(ex-shop, still new):

  Sleeve : the laminated gatefold sleeve has 6 short creases against the spine side, 
                     and a short feint line in the laminate top right that appears to be in the manufacture. 
                     Apart from this. the cover is fresh as new  inside and out, is flat, with no impressions, knocks, etc.
  Inner sleeves: minimum of  EX., clean and fresh. They are poly-lined.
  Records: both are Mint / Mint minus, and play on the whole EX+ to M-.  There are few places where
                   VG+ would be a fair evaluation sound wise, but as these records have been placed twice only,
                    I am certain one would be hard-pressed to find better - anywhere! PicnicLP_smaller.jpg (72266 bytes)  @ £100


Bee Gees "I.O.I.O.", Ayshea "Mr. White's White Flying Machine", Who "Seeker", Area Code 615, Edwin Hawkins,
Marbles Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", Marsha Hunt, Up With People, Roger. Jenson, Robin Gibb "Mother And Jack",
Peter Straker, Maurice Gibb "Railroad",  Barry Gibb "I'll Kiss Your Memory", Barry Ryan "Kitch", Jaggerz,
Stairsteps, Fairport Convention "If Stomp", Emil Dean Zogby, Lou Christie "I'm Gonna Make You Mine", Who £Seeker".

 Boxed set of 2 x Stereo LPs. There were 6 "PARTY BOXES" in this Polydor series, 
"ROCK PARTY" being the sister of 'Pop'. *  24 tracks, with 3 solo Gibb and the I.O.I.O.
  (1) Box VG- *  Records: side 1 slight scuff? at 5o'clock; o/w both are EX+ (they play VG+ to 85% NM) @ £18

ALL GOOD CLEAN FUN ~ United Artists 1970

Help Yourself, Gypsy, Groundhogs, Hawkwind, If, Ernie Graham, Sweet Pain, Allan Taylor, Man, Morning, Amon Duul II, etc.

This is a sampler from United Artists who have jumped on the bandwagon of signing up progressive and slightly
 alternative artists. There is a Booklet that depicts each group or solo artiste that appear on the 2-LP set, having
 some interesting details about them. The two inner sleeves depict their albums that are being issued at this time (1970).
 Nice album, with all but Eric Burdon's 'Spill The Wine' being available on the ir respective LPs only. Includes the 
 Help Yourself song 'Street Songs', so you have to be 18+ to purchase this collection!

One example in stock: 
Sleeve VG (textured, with tuck-in flap on reverse) * Inners VG+ * Booklet VG+ (signed by Nik Turner on the 
                        Hawkwind column) * Records: disc 1 VG (plays VG); disc 2 VG+ (plays VG+ to NM) @ £24


Record 1: Side 1 Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, Trinity =  A Kind Of Love In + Season Of The Witch, 
                                Crazy World of Arthur Brown = Prelude-Nightmare + Fanfare-Fire Poem + Fire
                  Side 2 Second Hand = Mainliner + Reality
Record 2: Side 1 Cream = Politician, Jimi Hendrix Experience = Little Wing + If Six Was Nine + 3rd Stone From The Sun
                 Side 2 Rare Amber = Malfunction Of The Engine + Blind Love, Who = Pinball Wizard,
                               Taste = Born On The Wrong Side Of Time + Same Old Story

Now this is a compilation that is definitely interesting, having just two 'commercial' tracks. As the "Reality" album is very elusive, and one would have to dig deep in the pocket to acquire a decent example, a whole side of Second Hand here is possibly the 'next best thing', and all that is necessary?  There are two versions of "Season Of The Witch" that should be in one's collection, with Donovan's own rendition obviously  being one, the other that is present on this here set.

This album exemplifies Polydor's dominance during this period in the marketing of the rock and underground music scene. In fact, currently, 60% of the album titles listed on this page are Polydor pressings!

One example in stock: Sleeve  VG+ *  Records min. VG+  (disc 1 plays VG+ on s1, VG+ to mainly EX s2); 
                                                (disc 2 plays EX to NM on s3, VG+ to mainly EX+ s4) DeepOvergroundLPb.jpg (30643 bytes)  @ £45

GO-SET POP POLL AWARDS 1970 ~ Columbia 1970 (Australia only)

Side 1: Johnny Farnham, Master's Apprentices "5:10 Man", Russell Morris, Allison Durbin, Zoot, Yvonne Barrett
Side 2: Allison Durbin, R. Morris, Zoot, Yvonne Barrett, Master's Apprentices Think About Tomorrow Today, J. Farnham

The winners of the 1970 Top Pop poll Awards were: Top Male Singer = Johnny Farnham
                                                                                          Top Female Singer = Allison Durbin
                                                                                          Top Group = Master's Apprentices

One example in stock:
Sleeve  VG+ *  Record EX+  (s1 plays VG+, s2 EX)  @ £27

GO-SET POP POLL AWARDS 1971 ~ His Master's Voice 1971 (Australia only)

Side 1: Johnny Farnham, Zoot "Eleanor Rigby", Master's Apprentices "Because I Love You,
                                  Spectrum "Going Home", Ted Mulry, Chain "Black and Blue"
Side 2: Russell Morris, Master's Apprentices "I'm Your Satisfier", Spectrum "I'll Be Gone", 
                                 Zoot "Evil Child", Allison Durbin, Johnny Farnham

Zoot's "Eleanor Rigby" here is about the heaviest version you will ever hear. The group Spectrum are native of Australia, thus not to be confused with the UK band of the same name who were active at the time.

One example in stock:
Sleeve  VG- (contour impression, general wear. No bends, tears, defacing)
   Record VG+, plays VG+ ( note that s1 label has small tear and faint name written)  @ £20

Up to neck

  POLYDOR SAMPLER BAG ~ Polydor 1971 (Australia only)

Derek and The Dominos, Bobby Gosh, Stone The Crows, Fat Mattress, Who, Jimi Hendrix, Tin Tin
John Mayall, Taste, Rory Gallagher, Jake Holmes, Amboy Dukes, Cream, Mandrill, etc

A two album set to tempt one to rush out & splash the cash on 28 of Polydor's albums!

A wonderful array displayed within the gatefold sleeve. Track listing with cat. no's are on the back. This set is housed within a canvas bag... great for posing with at your local record fair - with the possibility of getting mugged!  One side has the design as the LP front cover, the other side depicting JIMI HENDRIX.

  One set in stock: Bag EX *  Sleeve EX *  Records Near Mint PolydorSamplerBag_1b.jpg (50562 bytes) @ £150
Dandelion label LP for sale


Argent, Ballin' Jack, Big Brother Holding & Company, Byrds, Chambers Brothers, Dreams,
Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro, Poco, Tom Rush, Santana, Soft Machine, Trees, Johnny Winter


Two examples in stock:
1) Sleeve VG+ *  Record VG+ (plays VG+) @ £9
2) ex-shop stock (new) ~ Sleeve EX- ( original orange price sticker "95p") *  Record M-  (plays NM or better) TogetherLP_NM_smaller.jpg (68360 bytes)  @ £24

If you have already read the information on the Ordering page, please copy and Paste
              each album  description of interest into the email box.  A reply will be forthcoming.




Side 1: Medicine Head; Clifford T. Ward, Lol Coxhill ~ David Bedford, Mike Hart; Tractor
Side 2: Bridget St. Johns, John Trevor, Stackwaddy, Country Sun, Kevin Coyne

Textured sleeve. Issued with (all?) a 18" x 12" orange poster, as of the photograph depicted on the front cover.

This is a compilation of some of the artiste's that were issued / not issued on John Peel's short lived DANDELION label. 
Initially, the records were issued with a dandelion logo label on one side, being pressed by CBS.  Then Warner Brothers were employed, and the Dandelion label was discontinued, with WB's generic dark green label as standard. This was followed by Polydor pressing the series, with the label now again having the Dandelion name, and now a new logo. 28 albums in total were issued, with this, the only compilation, being the final one DandelionLabels.jpg (56126 bytes)

Definitely not a "commercial" album, with the conception somewhat improvised. It is normally assumed that these compilation albums were and are to assist promotion in the artiste's own releases, but as John Trevor (previously John Bean) and Country Sun (Paul Savage) had, or did not, issue anything, so were (and still?) virtually unknown, sales of this album were somewhat minimal.

Two examples  in stock:
1)Sleeve : front VG ( top has some wear and light creasing on border, bottom edge wear); back is EX-
   Poster is EX *  Record: side 1 EX, side 2 EX- (clean) but plays: s1:  trks 1,2,3 crackly, trks 4,5 EX to NM;
                                                                                s2: trks 1,2 ,5 crackly, trks 3,4 EX+  @ £38  image on file
2)Sleeve: front VG+ (light wear top and bot. border + residue (not damage) from original sticker on top right) back is EX
  Poster is EX+ *  Record NM,  plays NM  JohnPeelLP_2.jpg (107822 bytes) @ £90

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FILLMORE: THE LAST DAYS ~ Warner Brothers 1972

Up to neck
Boz Scaggs, Cold Blood, Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Elvin Bishop, Malo, Taj Mahal, Stoneground, Santana, etc.

If anyone does require information -  then purchase this set. The documented recordings and informative booklet will reveal all!

One  set in stock:
Original green label Warner Brothers. I do not  know the reason why I did not receive the UK pressing of this when purchased new. This one was pressed in Germany, but does have, excluding the "K", the same catalogue number as the UK edition: 
WB 66  013.

Clicking onto the icon will depict the set. There are two further JPEG images available via email. One is a close-up of the track listing on the base of the box, the other is a larger close-up (larger- 450k) image of the one provided below.

Condition? "Pucker" - (don't try saying that without your teeth thecure!.)  The box and contents are in tip top condition.
                      As well as the following, it should be noted that there is no foxing, dampness, ageing, etc...

  Box : lid and base are a minimum of Excellent condition. The only "fault" being that the bottom right corner
                  of the lid is split on the lip.. The box is shiny, fresh, white, with no fade, stains, scores, etc. 

  Booklet : Mint-, with no signs of handled. As new. *  Poster : Mint *   Ticket: Mint
         Records:  Mint, and play Mint-  or better!  Played twice from new FillmoreBoxSet.jpg (22070 bytes) @ £110

GREASY TRUCKERS PARTY ~ United Artists 1972

Record 1: Side 1 Man = Spunk Rock ( remember, this is 1972! )
                  Side 4 Hawkwind = Masters Of The Universe
Record 2: Side 2 Man = Angel Easy; Brinsley Schwarz = Wonder Woman + It's Just My Way.. + I'm Ahead...
                  Side 3 Brinsley Schwarz = Midnight Train + Surrender To The Rhythm; Magic Michael = Music Belongs....

Recorded live at the Roundhouse on 13th February 1972. The sleeve and labels do not copyright anywhere United Artists.

One  set in stock:
  Sleeve EX- *   Records: disc 1 EX-,  plays mainly EX to NM;  disc 2 EX,  plays VG+ (M. Michael VG)  @ £34 mage on file
                                 Footnote: although Magic Michael plays VG only, in my opinion this / he is not interesting. 
                                                                    You can track down better sounding buskers at a town near you ! 

REVELATIONS  a musical anthology for Glastonbury Fayre ~  REVELATION 1972

Record 1: side 1 Grateful Dead 24.06 *   side 2 Brinsley Schwarz 4.02 + Mighty Baby 16.06
Record 2: side 1 Marc Bolan 2.36 + Pete Townshend 3.58 + David Bowie 2,44 + Hawkwind 7.28 + Skin Alley 5.20
                  side 2 Daevid Allen and Gong 23.00
Record 3: Pink Fairies 3.20 + 19.43 (best track musically on this set !)  *  side 2 Edgar Broughton Band 20.00

(1) multi fold-out sleeve with (2) illustrated polythene outer, (3) 3 x LP's;  (4 ) "Keep on keeping on"  fold-out that details this album's tracks and recordings, with one full  side being a poster having photographs of the artistes; (5) foldout with one side "THE VOID" art poster and the other side a cut-out 2V Triacon 1/2 Sphere; (6) open-out silver & black card to cut out for the assembly of a pyramid; (7) 32 page booklet, illustrating the assembly of the pyramid scaffolding, roughing it, etc.

Observation: there were three label variants pressed that I know of. The one here is green, with REVELATION in red + white

One set in stock:
   Outer polythene is VG+   Top edge and side opening is curled over. 2" split on top edge end. Face is clean,
                                                                             and apart from top border all black printing is unworn.
  Sleeve Very Good. Pyramid side has crease lines on the folds. Other side EX-
  The 4 Inserts are a each a minimum of Mint-
  The 3 records: disc 1 side 1 has 4 non-sounding short light marks, o/w all are Mint -
                                   Sound check:  disc 1 = s1 VG+,  s2 mainly NM
                                                             disc 2 = s1 VG+ to mainly EX+,  s2 VG+
                                                             disc 3 = s1 VG+ to EX,  s2 NM Glastonbury_BestSet_smaller.jpg (58656 bytes)  @ offs


Side 1: Led Zeppelin, Loudon Wainwright III, Gordon Haskell, Dr. John, Buffalo Springfield, Delaney & Bonnie
Side 2: Cactus, Jonathan Edwards, J. Geils Band, John Prine, Yes ~ "America" 10.30 mins.

Included with this particular example is a promotional fold-out poster measuring 35" x 7" (88cm x 18cm)...a  dream for dragsters' (hot rod car fanatics that is, not queen queenies !). The reverse depicts selected, then current, albums issued on the Atlantic label, including the first 4 L.Z.

There are two interesting observations here for Led Zep fans:
  a) The track on this album is "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do".  Until 1990, the only format that this studio track was ever officially available on was the 1970 single "The Immigrant Song", but this was not issued in the UK. So this LP is unique for this track alone!
  b) On the fold-out, K5008 is credited as "THE FOURTH LED ZEPPELIN ALBUM (NO TITLE)". 

"America"  was the actual issue here for this Yes track, and not taken from, or to be included on a forthcoming album.   However, It did appear two years later on Yes's compilation "Yesterdays".

One further analysis:
All the Atlantic albums depicted on the fold-out were issued with red & plum labels. As this compilation is termed as "The New Age,,", and has the red & green design, this would point to this LP being the first having the revised colour scheme label.

One  in stock:
  Sleeve  VG+ (bottom left corner light wear, o/w is a min. of Excellent). Original 99p retail price sticker. 
  Promo poster: min. VG+ (no rips) *  Record EX- ;  plays EX to mostly NM   newageofatlanticlp.jpg (47718 bytes)  


Side 1: Harry Chapin, Veronique Sanson, Bread, Carly Simon, Mickey Newbury, Judy Collins
Side 2: Doors, Plainsong, Casey Kelly, Ship, Goodthunder, Aztec-Two-Step, Curt Boetcher.

In the same series as the above Polydor issue, this album also includes a promo fold-out poster measuring 35" x 7" (88cm x 18cm). With one side being in keeping with the record sleeve design, the other side depicts selected, then current, albums issued on the Elektra label. This album on the whole comprises of mainstream recordings. Certainly some obscure names comprise this set!

One example in stock:
  Sleeve EX- *   Poster EX *  Record EX+, plays EX NewMagicInADustyWorldLP.jpg (77967 bytes)  @ £40

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Argent, Arrival, Jeff Beck Group, Blood Sweat & Tears, Colin Blundstone, Byrds, Chase, Dreams, Leslie Duncan, Bob Dylan, Grin, Home, It's A Beautiful Day, Kenny Loggins, Barry Mann, Niemen, Poco, Genya Ravan, Santana, Spirit, Al Stewart, Sweathog, Jonathan Swift, Titanic, Johnny Winter + others

40 acts, 40 tracks on three albums. Fold-out sleeve depicts on four faces 40 (then) current releases by the respective artist, along with some interesting information. Comes with CBS's green "MUSIC PEOPLE" period inner sleeves  Well presented.

One set  in stock:
   Sleeve VG+   (not bent or 'flattened') *  Inner sleeves EX+ *  Records: NM / NM / EX+  (play EX to mainly NM) @ £29


Side 1: Nice "America (2nd Amendment)", Genesis "Fountain Of Saimacia",
           Robert John Godfrey "Mountains * total 24.40 mins.
Side 2  rare Bird "As Your Mind Flies By", Van der Graaf Generator "White Hammer", 
          Bo Hansson "Flight To The For" * total 21.35 mins.

Mad Hatter label, having an uncharacteristic catalogue number of CLASS 5 STEREO. Includes an attractive rainbow inner sleeve (with cat. no.) made of card. However, fear not, as the record is housed from new in a poly-lined inner!

One  in stock:  ex-shop stock (new)
   Sleeve: front min. VG (contour top + bottom, one light corner crease), back EX
    Inner sleeve NM *   Record is M , plays NM  CharismaKeyboardsLP.jpg (98162 bytes) @ £24

ANISEED ALLSORTS ~ Track Records 1973

  Jimi Hendrix = Voodoo Chile + Gypsy Eyes; Who, Joe Cocker, Golden Earring, etc.

Four albums were issued that had their titles  in-keeping with this series. Each have Braille on the back cover.

One example of ANISEED in stock: Sleeve VG *  Record EX @ £10

PEPPERMINT ALLSORTS ~ Track Records 1973

 Jimi Hendrix = Purple Haze + Watchtower, Move, Who, Speedy Keen, etc

Four albums were issued that had their titles  in-keeping with this series. Each have Braille on the back cover.
This one has "Peppermint" on the label, but the cover.

Two examples of PEPPERMINT in stock:
1) Sleeve VG *  Record VG+ @ £9 

2) Sleeve VG+ *  Record NM  @ £16 

Up to neck

SUCK IT AND SEE ~ Vertigo 1973

Record 1: side 1 Black Sabbath, Beggar's Opera, Gentle Giant, Atlantis
                : side 2 Kraftwerk, Jade Warrior, Aphrodite's Child
Record 2: side 1 Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Status Quo, John Dummer's Oobledooblee Band, Jim Croce, Rod Stewart
                  side 2 Spencer Davis Group, Jackson Heights, Ian Matthews, Magna Carta, Manfred Mann's Earth Band

With an innuendo title and illustrated cover to match, it's a wonder that this record passed quality control?

Tracks here are extracted from albums possessing the "swirl" design label, and also the (then) recently changed logo, designed by Roger Dean. Released early 1973, the above named artist's tracks highlighted are  from his / their "forthcoming album". The second of two Vertigo compilations issued.

GREASY TRUCKERS Live At Dingwalls Dance Hall ~ Virgin 1973

Record 1: Side 1 Camel  = Cold Light Revisited Parts One, Two & Three
                  Side 2 Henry Cow = Off The Map + Cafe Royal Keeping + Warm In Winter + Sweet Heart Of Mine
Record 2: Side 1 Global Village Trucking Co. = Look At Me + Earl Stonham 
                                + You're A Floozy Madam Karma (But I Love Your Lowdown) + Everybody Needs A Good Friend
                  Side 2 Gong = General Flash Of The United Hallucinations + Part 32 Floating Anarchy

Recorded October 8th 1973. Only on the Henry Cow side does the label state "All sounds on this side recorded live. No special recording techniques or overdubs were used".  None "Virgin" logo labels.

Two sets in stock:
1) Sleeve VG+ *   Insert EX- *   Records EX (disc 1 plays VG+);   (disc 2 plays EX except on beginning 
                  of Global where there is a scratch following 4" of the groove that sounds 3 revs / times
) GreasyTruckersDingwallsLP_smaller.jpg (72678 bytes)  @ £25

2) Sleeve EX-  (original retail price sticker on front "DOUBLE ALBUM £2 ") *
                Insert EX * Records NM (plays mainly EX to NM) GreasyTruckersDingwallsLP_NM_smaller.jpg (45946 bytes)  @ £50

                   Footnote: as the Gong and Henry Cow recordings are quiet experimental / avant-garde tracks, 
                                               there cannot be many decent sounding  examples of this set in circulation?
      Gong page

CHRISTMAS AT THE PATTI ~ United Artists 1973

Record 1: side 1 Flying Aces, Ducks Deluxe, Jets (not the later rockabilly trio), 
                : side 2 Plum crazy with Dave Edmunds, Help Yourself with Deke Leonard & B. J. Cole
Record 2: side 1 Help Yourself, with Deke Leonard, & B. J. Cole
                  side 2 Man with Dave Edmunds & Stan Phifer

Subtitled "A Live Recording from Man's Christmas Party at the Patti, Swansea, December 19th 1972".
    This is a 2 x 10" 331/3r pm set, housed within a gatefold sleeve. Excellent recordings/ sound.
    A large JPEG image of the detailed back cover is available, on request, via email ( warning: script text, thus difficult to decipher)

One set in stock:
   Sleeve VG (small writing imp. front right side, sticker residue top right corner, very small name on back, o/w would be EX-).
   Records are EX+, and play VG+ to NM  @ £30     ,image on file

MUSIC FROM FREE CREEK ~ Charisma 1973 (Germany)

Cissy Street, Freedom Jazz Dance, Sympathy For The devil, Mother Nature's Son, road Song, lay Lady Lay,
Hey Jude, He Darked The Sun, Earl's Shuffle, Getting Back To Molly, Cherrypicker, 
Kilpatrick's Defeat, Girl From Ipanema, No One Knows, Living Like A Fool, 
 Working In A Coalmine, Big City Woman, On The Rebound.r

Subtitled "The Great Super-Session Rip-Off Chase".  Musicians on this album include Todd Rundgren, 
      Roy Markowitz, Stu Woods, Doctor John, Harvey Mandel, Mitch Mitchell, Larry Taylor, Keith Emerson,
       Bernie Leadon, Chris Darrow, Delaney Bramlett, etc.  Linda Ronstadt lead vocal on two tracks.

One example in stock:
   Sleeve VG (crease bottom left, contour at top, and small punch hole) * Records NM (plays NM) FreeCreekLP.jpg (78746 bytes) @ £14

THE GUITAR ALBUM~ Polydor 1974 (USA)


Record 1: side 1 Eric Clapton, Roy Buchanon, Rory Gallagher, T-Bone Walker, Ellen McIlwaine
                : side 2 Link Wray, Roy Buchanon, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher
Record 2: side 1 Ellen McIlwanine, Stone The Crows, Roy Buchanon, Eric Clapton
                  side 2 John McLaughlin, Roy Buchanan x 2, Area Code 615, Ellen McIlwaine

Most tracks consist of as the title states, guitar. Some vocals are present, but the only tracks that this is domineering on are the first two on side 3.. ..did I say domineering women? Calm down now!  This double album was issued in the States. Track details and short biogs on each artiste is within the gatefold.  In the UK it was put out as an abridged single album, with a totally different sleeve design. There were also a set of small trade cards issued to compliment the UK issue.

One set in stock: ex-shop stock (new) ~ Sleeve EX+ *   Records are M, and play NM to Mint GuitarAlbumLP.jpg (98445 bytes)  @ £30



Side 1: Eric Clapton "Smile", Blue "Atlantic Ocean", Barbara Dickson "With A Little Help From My Friends, 
          Love with Arthur Lee "Singing Cowboy", Jack Bruce "Pieces Of Mind"
Side 2: Toss "So Slow", Yvonne Elliman "Steady As You Go", Macko Palmer "Cushing Street", 
           Bee Gees "Down The Road"

  This is a 10" (26cm) LP, with each side approximately 17 minutes playing time. There is a sticker on the die-cut sleeve: 
   "THE WORLD'S LARGEST SINGLE" ~ what??  Even has a catalogue number SINGL 1. ....
   RSO pronounced R  SO  is about right for whoever came up with that erroneous marketing.! 
   Most probably the first 10" LP issued in the UK since the 1950's? 

  (1) Sleeve VG+ *  Record EX- ( plays VG+)  @ £14

TASTY ~ Gull 1975


Arthur Brown = We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place; Kheran White = Cajun Moon' Steve Ashley = Silly Summer Games;Judas Priest = One For The Road; Seventh Wave = Manifestations; Isotope = Spanish Sun; Kraan = Holiday am Matterhorn

Two examples in stock:
  1) Sleeve VG-  * Record VG|+ (plays VG to VG+) @ £5
  2) no sleeve * Record VG+: pink label FACTORY SAMPLE label = DECCA Test Pressing (plays EX to NM) @ £10




Doobie brothers = Pursuit On 53rd St. + Black Water; Montrose = Bad Motor Scooter + Connection; Bonaroo = Sally Ann;
Graham central Station = Fell The Need + We've Been Waiting / Release Yourself; Little Feat = Oh Atlanta + Dixie Chicken; 
Tower Of Power = Don't Change Horses In The Middle Of A Stream + Only So Much Oil In The Ground

A blend of pop, rock and soul. Back cover has photographs of the artists, along with some info. Front cover depicts
    a strange looking Bugs Bunny clutching a guitar.

One example in stock: Sleeve EX  * Record NM (plays as new) @ £10


Side 1: John McBurnie & Brian Chatton, Graham Maitland, Philip Reed, Hugh Murphy & Tom Parker, Alan Chester, B. Ponton, etc
Side 2: Mike Shepperton & Peter Dibbens x 6, Peter Green & David Byron, Peter Stirling & David Byron, Laurie Stevens, etc
              nb Peter Green = aka Daniel Boone

Certainly an obscure assembly here. Termed as "THE SOUND OF HUSH" , there are 28 tracks squeezed onto this album. Consequently, some have been abridged. Actually, there are no heavy sounds here. Has been included on this page due to it's obscurity!  Included with this collection is a 4-sided lyric sheet, comprising of the 28 numbers. This is beneficial, as obviously the song's full lyrics are revealed.

This is another "DEM0NSTRATI0N RECORD", and was not issued commercially. Perhaps someone could enlighten us as to the purpose of record?  A few pointers to assist:
  JOHN McBURNIE:  Jackson Heights, VT's Vapour Trails, Justine, Gerry Rafferty, Arthur Brown, etc.
  BRIAN CHATTON:   Jackson Heights, VT's Vapour Trails, Flaming Youth, Snafu, etc
  HUGH MURPHY:     Mike Heron, Rumplestiltskin, Gerry Rafferty
  LAURIE STYVERS: Justine,  2 x solo albums on Chrysalis

One  in stock:
  Sleeve VG- (record contour mark, sticker blemish top right corner).
                      Lyric insert M *  Record NM, plays EX to NM ChrysalisCompendiumLP_1.jpg (81639 bytes) @ £29

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Side 1: Elkie Brooks, Alice Cooper, Jim Dandy, James Dewar
Side 2:  Alice Cooper, Elkie Brooks, John Entwhistle, Maddy Prior, Jim Dandy, Eddie Jobson

Technically, this album does not fall into this page's category, but at present I have no where else to place it (careful now), so here we are.  It does not state anywhere on the cover that this LP was put out in the name of charity, yet looking at the musicians appearing here, someone must have lost money along the way!

John Entwhistle, Keith Moon, Mick Grabham, Nicky Hopkins, Graham Deakon, Bill Bruford, Kenny Jones, Howie Casey, Justin Hayward, Robert A. Johnson + others.  Backing vocals by Thunderthighs, Leslie Duncan, etc. Note that this was Alice Cooper's first own recording in his own right, without his band, since 1969.  Copyright dated 1975, this album was recorded during the month of December 1974.

The concept Flash Fearless was to be produced as a stage musical. Did this take place?  Accompanying this album is a 12 page comic booklet illustrating the story. The artwork for this and the cover has not been accredited.

Two examples in stock:
1) Sleeve VG+ *   Booklet EX- *  Record EX- ; s1 plays VG to VG+,  s2 VG+ to NM @ £15
  2) Sleeve VG+ *  Booklet EX *  Record VG+, plays EX to NM FlashFearless_LP_smaller.jpg (25422 bytes) @ £24


Fruupp x 2, Stray x 2, Kilburn and The High Roads x 2, Brian Joseph Friel x 2, Prelude x 2 , 
    David McWilliams, Mungo Jerry, Jonesy, Quicksand, Gravy Train x 2

There are 74 Dawn label albums to amass. This one was one of the final releases. Interesting compilation spoilt by a tacky design sleeve! Wine red vinyl (the Dawn page details this and other criterion). Back cover does state "Has It Dawned On You is the first compilation from Dawn". Technically speaking, this is not so, as in 1971 a live album titled "Dawn Takeaway" was issued.

  One example in stock:: Sleeve VG+ *  Record EX+ HasItDawnedOnYouLP.jpg (78039 bytes)  @ £15

Up to neck

          No porn on this site, but....

Side 1: Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, Johnny Bristol, Fox, Roger Daltrey, Randy pie, Stevie Wright,
                  Freddy King, Jimi Hendrix "Message To Love", Elton John "Someone Saved.."
Side 2: Golden Earring "Tons Of Love", Who, Eric Clapton, James Brown, Barclay James Harvest,
                 Jack Bruce, Revelation, Kursaal Flyers, Alexis Korner "Get Off Of My Cloud"

Concept: gatefold sleeve. with photos and info within,  having a die-cut front window. Housed inside this section is:
(1 ) a full size 12 page booklet that is well detailed and illustrated, even though the text is in German.
(2)  a 12" x 12" steel sheet depicting the album's logo, title, and lists the artistes.  Having only ever seen (this) one
      example of   "Rock'N'Soul", it is unknown if this item actually came as standard. It does not have any punched 
     holes for display purposes. It would have been an expensive exercise to include this with all the standard pressings.

About the logo. The background is sunburst, with two hills that are blatantly a pair of woman's breasts. Furthermore, it would be naive to assume that the design viewed between the man's legs is not a dangling penis, but the dip of the upturned breasts - or mountain vale!

One  in stock:
  Sleeve:  G  (the front g/f corners have been repaired / reinforced with black tape) *  Booklet: EX-   
  Metal sheet: small kink on bottom right corner, otherwise EX+  *  Record: looks NM, plays VG only rocknsoullp2.jpg (23343 bytes)  @ £24

ROCK OF THE U.S.A. ~ Polydor 1976

Side 1: Velvet Underground & Nico "I'm Waiting..", Freddie King, J. Hendrix "Astro Man", Area Code 615 "Stone Fox Chase"
                                               Tim Moore "Second Avenue", Richie Havens "Indian Rope Man"
Side 2: Atlanta Rhythm Section, Love with Arthur Lee "Singing Cowboy", Link Wray "It Was A Bad Scene",
                                               Elephant's Memory "Running Man", Mill Valley Bunch. Tim Moore

One  in stock: Sleeve EX- *  Record NM, , plays EX to NM  @ £10


Side 1: Uriah Heep x 3, Manfred Mann's Earth Band x 3
Side 2: Osibisa, x 2, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Heron, Uriah Heep x 2

The label being titled "BRONZE SAMPLER", this compilation album was not issued commercially. As it is a "Sampler" demonstration record pressed in 1977, consisting of tracks  from 1970 ~ 1977 albums, with five of being edited versions, one can only assume that the point of this record was to encourage record shop retailers to order the back catalogue of EMI's Bronze label output?
                A larger JPEG image of the back cover and label depicting details is available, on request, via email.

One  in stock: Sleeve VG *   Record VG-, plays VG- to VG+ BronzePromoEMI.jpg (107156 bytes)  @ £12


Side 1: Gods , Pretty Things "S. F. Sorrow", Tomorrow, Syd Barrett "Octopus", Quatermass, Climax Blues Band,
              Edgar Broughton Band, Pete Brown & Piblokto, Babe Ruth "Private Number", Deep Purple "Hush"
Side 2: Greatest Show On Earth, Southern Comfort, Kevin Ayres "Caribbean Moon", Ashley Hatchings,
             Third Ear Band, Shirley Collins, John Lees "Kes (A Major Fancy)", B. J. Harvest, Roy Wood, ELO "Showdown"

The Gods track "Real Love Guaranteed" is Mono.

One  in stock:
  Sleeve VG *  Record VG+ (plays NM)  @ £7

HARVEST SAMPLER ~ Harvest 1978 (USA only)

Side 1: Little River Band, Tom Robinson Band, King Harry, Wire, Pink Floyd "Point.."
Side 2: Be-Bop Deluxe, Strapps, Focus, Kate Bush "Man With A Child..."

Another unissued commercially LP, this is a "FOR A1RPLAY 0NLY" album, and was manufactured in and for the United States of America only. The copyright dates on the labels and sleeve are 1977, 1978. This record was made around December '77 & January '78, as included within the blurb on the back cover is "The latest addition to the Harvest label is pretty songstress Kate Bush whose album The Kick Inside has a March 1978 release date"

The Focus track "Wingless" has P. J. Proby as the vocalist.  The Little River Band's "Changed And Different" track is from the Australian version of the album Diamantina Cocktail.

As stated on the back cover, Point Me To The Sky " has never before been made available in any form in the United States and has never before been on an album".

One  in stock:
  Sleeve : front is VG+, back is VG as has some rubbing (light wear) at the top,  bottom, and spine end.
      Record : side 1 EX, side 2 NM.   Plays EX+  @ £50  image on file



Side 1: Kevin Ayres "Singing A Song In The Morning", Syd Barrett "Love You", Barclay James Harvest "Taking Some Time On"
                 Edgar Broughton "American Boy Soldier", Third Ear Band "Druid One", Pete Brown & Piblokto! "Things May Come..."
Side 2: Pretty Things "The Good Mr. Square / She Was Tall..", Electric Light Orchestra "Look At Me Now"
                 Move "Down On The Bay", Deep purple "Wring My Neck", Roy Harper "Hell's Angels"

To date, the only album listed on this page having a price bar-code!  Subtitled "ART SCHOOL DANCING".

One  in stock:
  Sleeve EX-. *  Record M (ex-shop stock/ new; plays as new) @ £9

If you have already read the information on the Ordering page, please copy and Paste
              each album  description of interest into the email box.  A reply will be forthcoming.

no image


In 1981, the BBC, in conjunction with Billboard USA,  produced a weekly series for Radio Broadcast
  that integrated news items with popular songs that had been issued as singles. This concept was
 later adapted into a television series. 

On offer here are a selection of the Transcription discs that were for Radio Broadcast purposes, titled  ' 25 YEARS OF ROCK'.

There are no cue sheets. Possibly none were issued, as these LP's are not banded, being as the news items blend in with
the beginning and end of each song, with many being the full version (i.e. not abridged). However the previous owner has 
written down on paper the tracks and news items featured on each record. 

Not the complete set available, hence the selling of individual discs. All are genuine ' BBC TRANSCRIPTI0N SERV1CES' discs.
All are standard recordings. Duration of each side is at least 50 minutes, therefore each disc is 100+ minutes.
They appear to have been played two or three times only.

AS per line set out here: single disc @ £15 ; matching pair @ £30

Disc 148926 / 28 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 3 1957 / Part 4 1958  *  Disc 148927 / 29 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 3 / Part 4 1958
Disc 148931 / 33 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 5 1959 / Part 6 1960
Disc 149129 / 31 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 9 1963 / Part 10 1964
Disc 149133 / 35 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 11 1965 / Part 12 1966  * 
Disc 149134 / 36 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 11 1965 / Part 12 1966
Disc 149137 / 39 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 13 1967 / Part 14 1968  * 
Disc 149138 / 40(SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 13 1967 / Part 14 1968
Disc 149141 / 43 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 15 1969 / Part 16 1970  * 
Disc 149142 / 44(SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 15 1969 / Part 16 1970
Disc 149248 / 50 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 17 1971 / Part 18 1972  * 
Disc 149249 / 51 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 17 1971 / Part 18 1972
Disc 149252 / 54(SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 19 1973 / Part 20 1974  * 
Disc 149253 / 55 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 19 1973 / Part 20 1974
Disc 149256 / 58 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 21 1975 / Part 22 1976
Disc 149260 / 62 (SIDE 1 of 2 x2) Part 23 1977 / Part 24 1978  *
Disc 149261 / 64 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 23 1977 / Part 24 1978
Disc 1149263 / 65 (SIDE 2 of 2 x2) Part 24 1978 / Part 25 1979

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Who, Marsha Hunt, Jimi Hendrix, John's Children, Fairport Convention, T. Newman, Cherry Smash, Arthur Brown.

One example in stock:  G+ / VG+  (plays NM) @ £6