Some info about this site's structure


Any business is not established until it has been trading for a minimum of 5 years.

This business commenced 6th December 1984, and has continued trading ever since.
There will be more added (on a new page) on the shop's history soon.

This site was first set up in March 2002.

Although not everyone's favourite, employing FrontPage. Works fine.

One font used throughout : Arial. 

No 'shouty' rude red font.

Nothing underlined except internal and external links.

No log-in's, sign-up's, or similar.

Not bogged down with Wikipedia' s free info

A proper independent .com website. Hence, no annoying advertising Banners or any other distractions.


Most probably all you ever need to know is explained in detail on pages Sales Policy and Record Grading

Images Portrayed

Photographs, including the JPEG images, are of the actual items for sale. No sides cropped. 

When something has been sold,  the information and any applicable images are deleted. If and when a similar becomes available again,  a new photograph is taken. Any old / previous images are not reused. 

Images of virtually anything on this site can be purchased. Monies gained from this service is donated  to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. In JPEG form, they can be at any size required, and will not have any overprints, etc, as employed on this site.

Translation direction:

This is not precise. No automated online service of this kind can be so. Still amazing though! 
Further details are available here.


Unless otherwise stated,  all merchandise for sale is believed to be of original issue ~ first printing, and is Made In England.  Everything is guaranteed in the condition as stated. There are several options of payment made available. Orders are processed post haste. So if you are feeling in near mint condition, without further ado...

   Peter Rice  Destiny One